Deliver apps at velocity using a DevOps Pipeline Platform.


Accelerate the velocity of code.
We help you minimize the time to general availability by up to 50%.

The Atmosera DevOps Pipeline Platform is an Azure development environment for continuously developing, testing, releasing and maintaining applications. It includes preconfigured CI/CD tools, test environments, automation blueprints, leading practices and security features. It can be used to increase development velocity and increase the speed of adoption, as well as reduce the cost of your DevOps infrastructure.

Drive team productivity.

Improve the stability of operations.

Raise the quality of code.

Elevate your team’s throughput and deliver new functionality faster.

Leverage a more stable, secure and auditable operational state.

Drive efficient, systematic tests to validate quality, reduce defects and improve output.

The Atmosera DevOps Pipeline Platform Services

Our capabilities in this area are increasing quickly and we have an exciting roadmap.

Currently we have available for customers two different services:

DBA as a Service

Release Management as a Service

Improve the performance of your databases.

The right platform to facilitate this continuous development and integration for application developers.

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