Atmosera DevOps Services

Deliver apps at velocity using a DevOps Pipeline Platform

The Atmosera DevOps Pipeline Platform is an Azure development environment for continuously developing, testing, releasing and maintaining applications. It includes preconfigured CI/CD tools, test environments, automation blueprints, leading practices and security features. It can be used to increase development velocity and increase the speed of adoption, as well as reduce the cost of your DevOps infrastructure.

Benefits of DevOps Services from Atmosera

Atmosera aims to create a partnership between development teams and operations to quickly deliver solutions. Our practice of Azure DevOps ensures that operational requirements like SLAs, Azure resource deployment, monitoring, and maintenance are defined and met collaboratively.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Develop new features and capabilities faster, while ensuring that they will not break the site or application as code gets promoted.

Reduce Manual Quality Control

Copy key-based databases from production to staging, test, and development without interrupting live environments.

Increase Test Coverage

As new functionalities get deployed, easily integrate them as part of the automated testing plan.

Our DevOps Service Best Practices

Release Management as a Service

Our release management solutions can utilize deployment slots and blue-green deployments to reduce downtime and risk. We use deployment methods to create or extend our client’s deployment/ release pipelines into Azure App Services and Azure Function Apps.

Test Automation

Our experts use Selenium to develop automated tests to perform quality assurance during a managed release.

Azure Automation

We have developed custom Azure Automation to allow software development teams to create, audit, modify, and delete Azure Resources using HTTP requests and webhooks. This provides development teams the ability to programmatically interreact with Azure for consistent, reliable, and on-demand infrastructure.

Application Performance Monitoring

We maximize the availability and performance of your applications by collecting, analyzing, and acting on telemetry, using Azure Application Insights and Monitoring.

DBA as a Service

We provide managed Database (DB) services designed to help you get the most out of your systems. Our DB experts are available 24x7x365 to perform any task from basic day-to-day maintenance to complex architecture design.

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