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The industry knowledge and experience to drive innovation

Atmosera has the vast industry knowledge and the experience businesses need to lead in their markets. Below are just a sample of the industries we support.


Financial Services


Since 2011, we have been fortunate enough to provide Microsoft Azure government cloud services to several state and local agencies that we are happy to call our customers. We continue to grow this segment as government teams turn to cloud solutions to enable better services for their constituencies.

Cloud management services are more important than ever before within the financial services industry. With the ever-changing digital landscape, it can be difficult to navigate through new rules and regulations while still meeting your business’s digital needs.

For healthcare, cloud management services are crucial to success in improved patient care, future health insights, and data protection. No matter what field you work in within the healthcare industry, cloud services are utilized to streamline data while creating a more efficient environment for patients and employees.



In the manufacturing industry, data management and cloud services are more important than ever. As manufacturing continues to grow, the digitalization of processes, scalability, and supply chain management is key to staying competitive and relevant in any manufacturing industry. Data-driven manufacturing is the way of the future. It is used to provide your business with cost-efficient practices and better planning for future endeavors and business moves

In the retail industry, having an online presence with a high-quality user experience is more important than ever. Traditional brick-and-mortar retail shops are integrating into digital environments faster than ever to take advantage of the endless opportunities that await them online. With no store hours or attendants needed, online e-commerce is becoming one of the most important factors in a business’s success and profitability.