Microsoft Azure Optimization

Maximize the Value of Your Azure Investment

Optimizing your Azure expense is more important than ever

As the economic impact of the pandemic and government policies enacted to "flatten the curve" unfold, organizations face increased pressure to minimize expenses. Atmosera, an Azure Expert MSP, can provide actionable recommendations to minimize utilization and expense so you’re not wasting valuable dollars and other resources.

We deliver Azure optimization strategies to maximize your value. Atmosera's powerful analysis helps minimize expenses to keep them aligned with your actual workload demand by identifying optimization and cost savings opportunities.

Gold Microsoft Partner, Azure Expert MSP

Get Free* Azure optimization recommendations for Virtual Machines, Web Apps, Networking, SQL and storage that include:

  • Capacity analysis
  • Rightsizing & idle resources consolidation
  • Back-up retention policy recommendations and right sizing
  • Abandoned disks
  • Empty services
  • Geolocalized storage
  • Idle databases
  • Idle services
  • Snapshots
  • Intermittent activity
  • Networking services
  • Oversized services
  • Reserved instances
  • Stationary virtual machines
  • Unconnected virtual network gateways
  • Idle IP addresses

*Free for the first 100 VMs or $50k in monthly Azure spend. Larger VM counts or Azure spend may require a fee.

Our Approach

Agentless or with an agent, our analysis collects system and application performance and usage data, networking patterns and bandwidth usage, Azure platform configuration data, Azure consumption and usage patterns, a review of Azure services and a high-level architecture review.

The Deliverables

The Expense Optimization Assessment will generate a report that identifies opportunities for reducing or otherwise optimizing the Azure consumption and associated costs. This report will include specific Azure resource adjustments in Virtual Machine types, storage and disk types and sizes, networking services, and configurations. Cost reductions of 10%-25% are not uncommon for un-optimized environments.

For more information regarding our Azure optimization analysis services or other cloud-managed services we offer, contact us today. A member of the Atmosera team will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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*Free for the first 100 VMs or $50k in monthly Azure spend. Larger VM counts or Azure spend may require a fee.