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Securing data is one of the most important parts of business today. Proprietary information, employee information, and sensitive financials are all targets of hackers. Massive data breaches have hit some of the largest companies in the world, and it shows that everyone is vulnerable. Protect your company with Microsoft Azure data protection services from Atmosera. We are certified and have the experience to guide you through the entire process, from the first meeting to migration and implementation. Cloud-based solutions are the only way to fully protect your data. Start your journey with Azure data protection services today.

Did you know…

Atmosera performs almost 15 full fail-over Disaster Recovery exercises annually?

Our Data Protection pillars include:

Managed Backup

Disaster Recovery

High Availability

Effectively backup and safeguard your data in a private or public cloud.

Safeguard your business and stay operational when disasters strike.

Maintain nearly 100% uptime and ensure constant availability of data.

Atmosera Approach to Data Protection

All Atmosera customers benefit from processes, policies, training and 24x7x367 technical resources.

Our customers have the peace of mind of knowing an industry expert has performed a thorough risk assessment, identified a remediation plan and provided ongoing audit support to ensure our Azure data protection services keep customer information safe.

Best of all, we understand this level of service is — and will continue to be — required year after year. Our four step process below has proven successful for many of our customers:

Certified Azure Expertise

Design Your Solution

Atmosera windows virtual desktop solutions

Build Your Solution

Improved Cloud Performance

Test Your Solution

windows virtual desktop infrastructure

Monitor Your Solution

  • Design a solution to meet your specific needs
  • Based on your environment and your data
  • Built by our certified build team
  • Run through our QA/QC process
  • Build your custom playbook to fully document the process
  • Tested regularly to ensure proper operation
  • Tested against your playbook to ensure up-to-date documentation
  • Monitored 24x7x365 by Atmosera TACC
  • All changes tracked and managed by our change management process

Software Company Testimonial

Financial Services Testimonial

“We worked very closely with Atmosera on developing a comprehensive Disaster Recovery plan, but our executive leadership was concerned about actual testing. Atmosera worked with us on walking through a tabletop with examples in order to understand how an actual failover would go in the event of a disaster. It was a great first step in getting all of us comfortable with the steps” – Director of Operations

“Like most businesses, we try to avoid disaster recovery efforts at all costs, but they are typically out of our control. Through Atmosera, we had the right filters and protection points in place as a part of their plan to ensure the accessibility of our business-critical data when the worst-case scenario occurred.”

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