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Azure Automation

Atmosera develops custom solutions for Azure clients to automate complex tasks which frees up valuable time and resources. We act as an Azure database administrator and can take the burden of an ever-changing technology landscape off your hands. Take advantage of changing technology and use it to advance your own business. Working in a public cloud environment, especially one that utilized PaaS services, can sometimes require changes to a client’s IT or development processes and Atmosera’s Azure database administrator service helps to streamline these new processes through custom development built on Azure-native tools. One of the major benefits Atmosera as a DBA will bring to your business is a focus on best practices. Our team of experienced DBAs knows the right settings and configurations that the database needs. That will give you better performance than you’d get from “set it and forget it” settings. That is just one of many benefits you’ll see when onboarding Atmosera.

  • Save on time and resources by automating tasks in your Azure environment
  • Customized development built on Azure-native tools
  • Enhanced stability by drastically reducing human generated errors
  • Added security by providing a means of limiting access to the Azure environment

Examples of Azure automation solutions we provide:





Webhook to copy databases out of production, scrub PHI from them and then drop them into a development server.


Web form to automatically deploy App Services complete with SSL binding and custom domains.


Job that automatically runs every night to compare code on a primary web app and a geo-distant failover web app and automatically syncs changes to ensure that the failover app is ready to be used in case of an outage in the primary region.

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