Release Management as a Service

Accelerate time-to-market in Azure, with a platform designed to facilitate continuous delivery using agile methodologies.

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Work at the Speed of Ideas in Azure.

We are not short on ideas and increasingly businesses want to implement them as quickly as possible.
This is putting a burden on development teams to accelerate development without sacrificing quality.

Atmosera’s industry-leading platform is designed specifically for Azure to enable end-to-end automation and testing.
Our service accelerates the deployment of e-commerce sites, corporate websites and portals, and mobile web applications.
Customers get to improve time-to-revenue with a reliable, predictable, and repeatable delivery platform.

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Reduce Manual Quality Control

Increase Test Coverage

Develop new features and capabilities faster, while ensuring that they will not break the site or application as code gets promoted.

Copy key-based databases from production to staging, test, and development without interrupting live environments.

Streamline all aspects from identifying problems, rolling back to known good versions, and deploying at any time of the day.

RMAAS Workflow

  • The development team collaborates on code utilizing the Bitbucket platform.
  • The development team commits to the Master branch.
  • The Azure App Service initiates a build.
  • The development team files a ticket with Atmosera Support to swap the latest build into Production.
  • Atmosera performs a verification test on the web application defined by Atmosera and the development team.
  • The Atmosera Support team then proceeds with swapping the latest build into Production.
  • Upon successful release, the Atmosera Support team completes the swap request service ticket.

Focus on your business and deploying the next release, not the infrastructure on which your automation and testing runs. Say goodbye to errors such as broken links!

A Best of Breed Platform for Azure.

The Atmosera Release Management as a Service was developed to address the gap which exists for companies and developers wanting to move quickly through release management while ensuring quality control and repeatable testing procedures. The platform was purpose-built for Azure using productized integration code to seamlessly connect industry-leading products including:

  • Chef: infrastructure automation
  • Bitbucket: web-based projects hosting
  • Terraform: infrastructure as code
  • JIRA: bug tracking and project management
  • Jenkins: continuous integration and delivery management
  • Zabbix: real-time monitoring
  • Selenium: web application testing

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