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Release Management as a Service

The right platform to facilitate CI/CD in Azure for app developers.


Built for Azure.

We developed a best of breed platform designed specifically for Azure.

  • Consistent through stages.

    We enable your teams to work in a logical and linear progression from application inception to application reality.

  • Version and release control.

    The platform is designed to facilitate a Continuous Integration and delivery cycle using Agile methodologies.

  • Accelerate time to market.

    You will streamline all aspects from identifying problems, rolling back to known good versions, and deploying at anytime of the day.

What are the advantages of Release Management?

  • Track every change for every version and quickly find the source of a problem within your application.
  • Leverage a structure which enables you to easily roll back to previous known good versions.
  • Log application feedback and add it to a backlog which can be prioritized for the planning phase of a future version.
  • Drive Continuous Integration (CI) which means you can deploy your application at any time without fear of losing data, customers, or other services related to your application.
  • Enable Continuous Deployment (CD) which allows your team to work effectively on an application with less downtime due to disruptions and distractions.
  • Put an end to the need to schedule software releases at 2AM on a Saturday.

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