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Atmosera is a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP

Azure Expert MSPs are a highly evolved form of Azure service providers. An Azure Expert MSP focuses on customer business outcomes and not on workloads or offers.

To be considered for the Azure Expert MSP program, Atmosera met a large number of prerequisites demonstrating capabilities and specialization in harnessing Azure services in tandem with our service management expertise. Upon meeting these Microsoft prerequisites, Atmosera underwent and passed (without remediations), a rigorous multi-day onsite audit of our Azure service management capabilities (across people, processes, technology, and business strength) validating our ability to deliver consistent, repeatable high-fidelity managed services on Azure.

As an Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, we offer repeatable, highly automated solutions to enable and support Azure environments. We follow an agile customer-driven design process and provide consultancy, migration and management, and optimization to transform a customer’s business with Azure and Azure related services.

Our focus is on creating customer value through business metrics, SLAs, resiliency, and continual optimization to drive outcomes.

As an Azure MSP Expert, Atmosera:

  • Guides customers towards innovative business solutions to support their digital transformation efforts and high performance, agile environments
  • Delivers & manages a full customer cloud engagement lifecycle: Plan/Design → Build/Migrate → Run/Optimize
  • Implements Cloud Assessments, Cloud Enablement Services, and Cloud Operations, supported by state of the art Cloud Tooling that enables margin expansion at scale
  • Demonstrates the use of automation and well-articulated repeatable process and policy for operations, security, and management
  • Manages from the application/solution down, not from the infrastructure up
  • Operates an automated CMP integrated with Microsoft Cloud Platform
  • Provides application-level performance monitoring and management tied to business outcomes

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Microsoft is proud to acknowledge Atmosera as an Azure Expert MSP

To join the Microsoft Azure Expert MSP program, partners must meet a stringent set of requirements, including verified proof of excellence in customer delivery, technical expertise, and the successful completion of an independent audit of their managed services, people, processes, and technologies. Only the most high-fidelity cloud managed service providers are awarded the Azure Expert MSP badge, intended to give customers confidence when selecting a partner to help them meet their digital transformation goals.

Extensive Skilling with Azure

Demonstrated Extensive Skilling

Delivered Customer Success with Azure

Delivered Customer Success

Advanced Support with Azure

Invested in Advanced Support

Process and Technologies with Azure

Validated People, Process and Technologies

Have attained Gold Cloud Platform status and have a minimum of 15 full-time employees who have passed exams designated by Microsoft to demonstrate technical expertise in Azure.

Are committed to customer success on Azure through high-fidelity managed services, validated through customer experience and case studies.

Have access to advanced Microsoft MSP support offering to help resolve issues quickly and effectively.

Have passed a stringent 64-step audit carried out by an independent auditor which validated their people, processes and technology for delivering robust managed services on Azure.

Accelerate your Azure journey with Atmosera MSP Expert services

Accelerate your Azure journey with Atmosera MSP Expert services

With Azure Managed Services and Atmosera:

  • – Seamlessly migrate your apps and data to Azure
  • – Modernize your infrastructure improving performance and agility
  • – Elevate speed and scale while more effectively optimizing expenses
  • – Implement security, backup, DR solutions, and other data resiliency solutions
  • – Leverage Azure Solution Architects, Azure Engineers, and Azure Service Experts