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Disaster Recovery & Data Protection

Business Continuity

When business systems and applications fail, get corrupted or even just slow down, a business can be profoundly impacted. On average, system downtimes lasts 18.5 hours, during which time the company is losing money.

To reduce disruption, Atmosera offers Disaster Recovery (DR) and Data Protection services. Customers can choose from several options to address any risk mitigation requirements.

Data drives every mission-critical business application. Atmosera builds on our managed core capabilities by architecting the optimal solution for your business needs, including storage, backup, replication and disaster recovery.

The Right Managed Services

Atmosera partners with compatible hosting providers and connectivity providers across the U.S. and the globe to create geographically diverse deployment alternatives. Atmosera Disaster Recovery and Data Protection solutions include the following capabilities:

  • Three supported replications services
    • Hypervisor level – virtual machines replicated as guest “files”
    • OS level – native file system or OS centric replication
    • Application level – data replication by application type including SQL, Active Directory, Exchange Server, etc.
  • Multiple options to achieve target Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)
    • Data – delivers back-up capabilities
    • Data + running hardware – provides warm DR with < 24 hours to recover
    • Data + active, duplicate systems – enables Hot DR with < 4 hours to recover
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Four backup management services
    • Disk target – directly manage all aspects of backup using your own preferred solution
    • Basic – file-level backups for non-complex environments
    • Enhanced – including data de-duplication for more complex computing and virtualized environments
    • Premier – provides SnapProtection and offline mining for the most complex environments

Flexible Disaster Recovery Configuration

Get the best combination of services to satisfy your business needs. Atmosera managed services for data protection services deliver the continuity your business needs.

  • Identify all applications and systems required for operations
  • Create a DR strategy and playbook
  • Architect achievable recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO)
  • Plan Required bandwidth and network design
  • Implement dedicated wavelength service with cost-effective options
  • Leverage geographically and carrier diverse paths with no single points of failure
  • Include optional dedicated circuits and secured VPNs (if required)