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Empower your technical talent with cutting-edge skills and best practices

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Level Up Your Team's Skills

Technology evolves at a breakneck pace. Atmosera’s instructor-led training keeps your team ahead of the curve. Our experts don’t just teach theory; they share

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Increase Your Value from Modern Technologies with Atmosera’s Technical Training

Discover the transformative power of Atmosera’s training programs.

Outpace the Competition. Unlock Your Team's Potential with Atmosera.

Equip your technical talent to master technologies and transform ideas into reality faster.

Supercharge Learning Outcomes with Atmosera's Expert Instructor-Led Training

Atmosera’s instructor-led training delivers transformative results that often surpass self-paced models.  Our expert instructors provide real-time guidance, foster collaborative learning, and tailor the curriculum to your team’s unique needs.  This approach accelerates skill acquisition, deepens understanding, and empowers your team to drive measurable business outcomes.

Accelerated Skill Acquisition: Interactive sessions with Atmosera’s expert guidance lead to faster, deeper understanding than self-paced online learning alone.

Collaboration and Knowledge-Sharing: Through our training, your team will develop a common technical vocabulary and best practices. This shared knowledge base improves communication, streamlines collaboration, improves learning, and drives successful outcomes from the Training.

Atmosera, Your Expert Training Partner

Unleash the full potential of your team with our unparalleled tenure and expertise.

We’ve Been Delivering Technical Training since 2000. Atmosera has been Microsoft’s Leading Technical Training Partner for 14 years and has trained over 50,000 Microsoft employees and over 100,000 employees of Fortune 500, 100, and enterprise companies globally. 

Technical Training Experts: Our instructors are the best of the best in the world.  They are practitioners not just instructors and the content we deliver is modern, customizable, and taught in ways that are proven to be highly consumable and useful. 

Focus on Outcomes and Your Success: We tailor training to your business objectives for tangible, transformative results.  We are flexible, focused, and can deliver a training experience that yields outcomes you want.

By the numbers
The Power of Upskilling: Compelling Statistics

See why organizations prioritize technical training for transformative results.

Organizations that invest in developer training see a 24% increase in profit margins.

Source: IDC
70% of employees say training and development opportunities directly influence their decision to stay with a company.

Source: LinkedIn
Upskilling can boost technical team productivity by up to 65%.

Source: McKinsey
Technical teams that receive regular training demonstrate a 75% increase in their ability to adopt new technologies.

Source: Gartner

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