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The Future of Your Software: AI Integration for Competitive Advantage

Unlocking Hidden Potential: If your software feels limited by legacy architecture or struggles to deliver modern AI-driven experiences, Atmosera’s modernization expertise can bridge the gap. We partner with you to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge AI capabilities into both new and existing applications. This transformation unlocks:

Elevated User Experiences: Deliver intelligent recommendations, intuitive natural language interactions, and predictive features that redefine how users engage with your software.

Data-Driven Insights: Embed AI models to reveal previously hidden patterns and correlations within your data, fueling informed decision-making.

Competitive Edge: Differentiate yourself with innovative AI features that attract users, increase engagement, and drive market share growth.

Let’s talk AI-enabled Software

Don’t let outdated systems hold you back. Partner with Atmosera and realize the full potential of AI within your software for smarter, more powerful, and future-ready applications.

Featured Clients

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What some of our clients have to say

Michael Hinckley
CEO of busHive

At the time we selected Atmosera, they were one of 50 Azure Expert MSP vendors in the world rated as highly by Microsoft. After a few meetings, we felt very comfortable that we would have a good working relationship with Atmosera and we were right.

Gerald Bedwell
VP of Technology, Medadept

Through Atmosera, we’ve realized improved performance, better security, and increased ROI from our Azure investment.

Jimmy Kaanapu
CTO, Keona Health

Atmosera expertly manages our Azure environment, boosting our efficiency and security. Their reliable and timely service lets us focus on our core business.

Zach Hughes
Director of Engineering

Atmosera has changed many aspects of our work life. It's been a fantastic relationship. The projects ya'll have worked on have saved us time and money and have increased our environment awareness in Azure.

The managed services are awesome. Having folks available to fix/modify things 24/7 is awesome. We couldn't do that in-house. Response time is excellent.

Tim Fink
VP of Software Development, BusHive

Atmosera has provided 24/7 security monitoring of our Azure resources for the last 3 years. As a small company, we are not security experts, but we know security is essential to our success. Atmosera has been great to work with and we sleep better knowing they are always on the job.

Jérémie Bourque
Director of Software Engineering, Protocall

Atmosera has been a valuable partner in managing our Azure environment and maintaining the quality of our services. Their expertise provides us with peace of mind, allowing us to focus on helping those in need. I'm grateful that we can rely on Atmosera for our critical infrastructure, allowing us to dedicate our efforts to the important crisis intervention work that we specialize in.

Annette Casper
Child Support Technology Services Manager, Department of Justice - Division of Child Support

It’s been wonderful to see Atmosera’s transformation over the past three years. The growth in their organization has provided additional opportunities for the Oregon Child Support Program to take advantage of their expanded services. A recent example was when our team was able to broaden its technical knowledge through engagement with their training division. The Client Success team is responsive, informative, and often exceeds our expectations. The technical teams continue to work collaboratively with Atmosera to ensure we can fulfill the program’s mission to support parents to support children.

Sharon Levy
Chief Operating Officer, US Claims

We recently completed a migration of our virtual environment from a private cloud to Azure, and partnering with Atmosera was an absolute game-changer for us.

We couldn't be happier with our decision to partner with Atmosera. Their exceptional service, technical proficiency, and dedication to customer satisfaction have truly set them apart. We wholeheartedly recommend Atmosera to any organization seeking a trusted partner for their cloud migration and managed services needs.

Bryan Collins, Wallace Management
IT Supervisor

Atmosera has been instrumental in helping our business thrive through its exceptional cloud servers and support services. Their expertise and commitment to excellence have truly made a significant impact on our operations.

AI Integration

Atmosera partners with you to strategically weave AI capabilities into your existing and new software applications for next-level functionality. We guide you from ideation to deployment, leveraging modern tools for seamless integration and optimal results.

Reimagine & Turbocharge: Our tailored approach transforms legacy applications and turbocharges the development of intelligent, data-driven software.

Optimize Operations & Maximize Efficiency: Automate tasks, streamline workflows, and intelligently allocate resources to cut costs and enhance productivity across your operations.

Unlock New Revenue Streams & Boost Profitability: Implement innovative AI features that attract new users, increase engagement, and create compelling new revenue opportunities for your business.

Improved Decision-Making: Leverage real-time analytics and AI predictions to make informed, data-driven choices that impact the bottom line.

Innovate, Modernize, and Gain a Competitive Edge

Atmosera empowers businesses to embrace the transformative potential of AI, enabling them to create cutting-edge applications and modernize existing software.

Differentiate with AI-Powered UX: Integrate advanced AI features into your applications. Use recommendation engines, computer vision models, and NLP techniques to create personalized, intuitive experiences that set your software apart.

Harness Data for Strategic Advantage: Embed predictive models and AI-driven decision-making capabilities directly into your software. Extract actionable insights, optimize workflows, and make data-backed strategic choices for a competitive edge.

Streamline Development, Optimize Code: Leverage AI-powered tools like GitHub Copilot for code generation and automated testing. Enhance developer productivity, accelerate time-to-market, and ensure code quality with AI-assisted development practices.

Accelerate AI Integration: Utilize pre-trained models from Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Cognitive Services. For specialized tasks, we build custom models in Azure Machine Learning. We leverage knowledge graphs powering advanced AI reasoning within your software.

AI Integration for Competitive Advantage

Unlock the Power of AI with Confidence: Atmosera's Expertise

Atmosera is your ideal partner for successful, value-driven AI integration within your applications.

Our approach prioritizes clear use cases, explainability, human oversight, data quality, and ethical considerations, ensuring your AI solutions are robust and trustworthy.

Leverage our expertise with industry-leading Microsoft tools like Azure OpenAI Service, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services, GitHub Copilot, and the Azure Bot Framework.

Further, our team is led by renowned AI expert and author Jeff Prosise, Atmosera’s Chief AI Officer, giving you access to unparalleled knowledge and experience.

Atmosera, an Azure Expert MSP with deep AI specialization, is your key to unlocking the full potential of AI for your software.

Strategic AI Integration

Atmosera partners with you to identify the most impactful AI use cases for your software. We prioritize areas where AI will deliver tangible business value, enhance the user experience, and drive a competitive edge.

Data Foundations for Success

Atmosera's data engineering expertise ensures a robust data foundation for your AI initiatives. We meticulously design data pipelines, cleanse and structure your data, ensuring it's optimally prepared to fuel your AI models.

Unleashing Explainable AI

Atmosera prioritizes transparency and trust. We leverage explainable AI techniques to help you understand how your models make decisions. This deepens your understanding, fosters user trust, and helps you fine-tune your AI solutions.

Human-Centered AI Design

For critical applications, Atmosera designs AI systems with human oversight. This ensures that humans remain integral to the decision-making process and allows for intervention when necessary.

Responsible AI Development

Atmosera champions ethical AI practices. We proactively analyze potential biases in your data and models, ensuring fair and accountable AI systems that align with your values.

Iterative, Value-Driven Approach

Atmosera's AI implementation is iterative and focused on continuous improvement. We establish feedback mechanisms to monitor model performance, refine solutions, and deliver increasing value over time.

Expert Tool Selection

Atmosera leverages the right tools for your unique needs. Our deep expertise in Microsoft Azure's AI toolset (Azure OpenAI Service, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services) allows us to select and integrate the optimal technologies for your project, ensuring scalability and performance.

Unlocking Your Team's Potential

Atmosera provides tailored AI training and workshops, empowering your team with the skills to build, maintain, and optimize your AI-powered software effectively.

Your AppDev AI Partner

Atmosera provides strategic AI guidance, robust data engineering, and champions responsible AI practices. Our experts leverage Microsoft Azure's AI stack to streamline development and help you unlock the full potential of AI within your software.

By the Numbers

The Power of AI in Software Development

AI is revolutionizing application development, driving productivity, innovation, and competitive advantage for businesses.
$28.8 Billion
By 2025, the global market for AI in software development is projected to reach $28.8 billion, demonstrating the increasing demand for AI-driven tools and capabilities.
Source: Mordor Intelligence.
KPMG reports that AI-powered tools in software development can reduce the time required to develop complex codebases by up to 90%. This frees up developers for more strategic tasks and accelerates time-to-market.
Source: KPMG
Gartner reports that 75% of enterprise development teams will incorporate AI-powered tools into their development workflow by 2025, showcasing the growing recognition of the potential benefits.
Source: Gartner
A Deloitte study found that 83% of early AI adopters believe they have achieved either moderate or substantial competitive advantage over their rivals.
Source: Deloitte

Transform Your Software with AI

Optimize processes, enhance decision-making, and drive growth with Atmosera’s strategic AI solutions.

Case Studies

Success in the Cloud

Discover real-world stories of transformation and growth from businesses like yours, who have successfully navigated their journey to Azure.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Building Successful AI-Powered Software with Atmosera

How do I identify the best use cases for AI in my existing software, and what's the potential ROI?

We start with understanding your business goals and pain points. Our team analyzes your software's capabilities and user data to identify areas where AI offers the most significant potential impact. This might be improving customer experience, streamlining processes, or uncovering hidden insights. We then conduct a thorough ROI analysis that considers development costs, potential efficiency gains, and the value of new insights or features. This collaborative, data-driven approach ensures we focus on AI use cases that deliver tangible business value.

What are the key challenges in building AI-powered features, and how does Atmosera help us overcome them?

We understand that AI in software is complex. Key challenges include:

  • Data Quality: AI models rely on accurate, well-structured data. Atmosera's Data Engineering for AI service and our expertise helps cleanse, prepare, and label your data for optimal model performance.
  • Algorithm Selection and Tuning: Finding the right algorithms and tuning them requires expertise. We leverage our experience with various AI techniques and Microsoft Azure's AI toolset to ensure the best fit for your needs.
  • Model Explainability: We prioritize explainability, especially for critical applications. We employ techniques to help you understand how your AI models make decisions, building trust, and allowing for adjustments.

How do you ensure ethical AI and manage potential biases in models?

We champion responsible AI development. Our approach includes:

  • Bias Assessment: We proactively analyze your data for potential biases and work to mitigate them in your AI models.
  • Transparency: We prioritize transparency, providing clear explanations of how models work and the data they're trained on.
  • Monitoring and Feedback: We implement continuous monitoring of models to detect any unexpected biases or unintended consequences, allowing us to refine them over time.
  • Best Practices: We adhere to industry best practices and guidelines for ethical AI development.

How do you address the challenges of integrating AI into our existing software architecture and tech stack?

We specialize in seamless AI integration. Our process includes:

  • Architecture Assessment: We analyze your current software to design an AI integration strategy that minimizes disruption.
  • API and Microservice Development: We build robust APIs and microservices as needed to connect AI components with your current software.
  • Scalable Deployment: We leverage Microsoft Azure's cloud services for scalable, reliable AI deployment.
  • Testing and Monitoring: Our rigorous testing and monitoring practices ensure the smooth functioning of your enhanced software.

What sets Atmosera apart in software development with AI?

Several factors distinguish us:

  • Strategic Focus: We prioritize high-impact AI use cases that drive business value, not just technology for its own sake.
  • Deep Azure Expertise: Our knowledge of Microsoft Azure's AI suite (Azure OpenAI Service, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Cognitive Services) allows us to accelerate your development process.
  • Iterative Improvement: We embrace an iterative, feedback-driven approach, constantly improving and optimizing your AI-powered solutions.

How do you stay up-to-date with the rapidly evolving AI landscape?

We invest heavily in continuous learning and upskilling our team. We have a dedicated AI group led by our Chief AI Officer, Jeff Prosise, we engage in training and knowledge sharing, and we maintain close partnerships with Microsoft given our National Managed Partner and Azure Expert MSP status. This ensures we can offer you cutting-edge AI solutions for your software.

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