DevOps Transformation That Gets Engineers Excited!

DevOps Transformation That Gets Engineers Excited!

DevOps Maturation Starts With Why

Your engineering teams need a better way of delivering innovation faster, safer and with more resiliency. Our DevOps experts begin our journey together at the ground level. We seek to understand how your teams deliver software today and the context for how those practices make you unique. One size doesn’t fit all so collaborating early is key to understanding “the now”.

Once we’ve built a framework of why, we look at how teams collaborate, the tools they use and how their world aligns to an efficient, secure and resilient SDLC.

After understanding what “great” looks like, our DevOps experts build a plan for how the organization could adopt new principles, techniques, and tooling to foster an ecosystem that protects company value and empowers teams to build applications faster with modern security practices your IT leadership will be proud of.

Elevate Your DevOps with Atmosera

Let’s connect and discover how Atmosera can transform your software delivery process.

Our Clients

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What some of our clients say

Michael Hinckley
CEO of busHive

At the time we selected Atmosera, they were one of 50 Azure Expert MSP vendors in the world rated as highly by Microsoft. After a few meetings, we felt very comfortable that we would have a good working relationship with Atmosera and we were right.

Gerald Bedwell
VP of Technology, Medadept

Through Atmosera, we’ve realized improved performance, better security, and increased ROI from our Azure investment.

Jimmy Kaanapu
CTO, Keona Health

Atmosera expertly manages our Azure environment, boosting our efficiency and security. Their reliable and timely service lets us focus on our core business.

Zach Hughes
Director of Engineering

Atmosera has changed many aspects of our work life. It's been a fantastic relationship. The projects ya'll have worked on have saved us time and money and have increased our environment awareness in Azure.

The managed services are awesome. Having folks available to fix/modify things 24/7 is awesome. We couldn't do that in-house. Response time is excellent.

Tim Fink
VP of Software Development, BusHive

Atmosera has provided 24/7 security monitoring of our Azure resources for the last 3 years. As a small company, we are not security experts, but we know security is essential to our success. Atmosera has been great to work with and we sleep better knowing they are always on the job.

Jérémie Bourque
Director of Software Engineering, Protocall

Atmosera has been a valuable partner in managing our Azure environment and maintaining the quality of our services. Their expertise provides us with peace of mind, allowing us to focus on helping those in need. I'm grateful that we can rely on Atmosera for our critical infrastructure, allowing us to dedicate our efforts to the important crisis intervention work that we specialize in.

Annette Casper
Child Support Technology Services Manager, Department of Justice - Division of Child Support

It’s been wonderful to see Atmosera’s transformation over the past three years. The growth in their organization has provided additional opportunities for the Oregon Child Support Program to take advantage of their expanded services. A recent example was when our team was able to broaden its technical knowledge through engagement with their training division. The Client Success team is responsive, informative, and often exceeds our expectations. The technical teams continue to work collaboratively with Atmosera to ensure we can fulfill the program’s mission to support parents to support children.

Sharon Levy
Chief Operating Officer, US Claims

We recently completed a migration of our virtual environment from a private cloud to Azure, and partnering with Atmosera was an absolute game-changer for us.

We couldn't be happier with our decision to partner with Atmosera. Their exceptional service, technical proficiency, and dedication to customer satisfaction have truly set them apart. We wholeheartedly recommend Atmosera to any organization seeking a trusted partner for their cloud migration and managed services needs.

Bryan Collins, Wallace Management
IT Supervisor

Atmosera has been instrumental in helping our business thrive through its exceptional cloud servers and support services. Their expertise and commitment to excellence have truly made a significant impact on our operations.

DevOps Transformation

Building a Modern CI/CD Pipeline

Automation is at the core of effective DevOps teams. Our experts will bring modern practices into your SDLC through the context of hundreds of successful previous transformations.

Starting from scratch? No problem!
Automation can start from the simplest beginnings and grow into a ‘Start to finish’ hands free system.

Already have some pipelines that just need some cleanup?
Pipeline optimization is a beneficial practice that can help you realize the full potential of your existing systems.

Unique or “edge” use case? Modernization is still in your cards!
Our expert teams can work with you to develop a custom solution to meet your automation needs.

Time to integrate your solutions!
Automation can reach across and into many systems. Integration with intent is key to building complete solutions whether the tool is new, old or completely bespoke.

Transforming, Consolidating, Integrating & Adopting New Tools

Change is tough, culture change is even harder. Tools solve only part of your solution.

Guiding teams understand the vision of tomorrow requires a guided path – our team is here to help.

Launching modern toolsets can be a catalyst to driving faster and safer daily behavior.

Contextualize your SDLC experience, understand what the business expects of you and align your “why”.

Demonstrate to teams what “great” can look like, showcase potential for your future systems and understand your current gaps.

Analysis creates measurable outcomes. Show and record the value that a new process or tool can provide you with clear Value Stream Mapping.

Bring everyone onboard. The transformation journey needs to be collaborative. Build consensus across your teams so everyone understands the direction and outcomes.

Atmosera's DevOps Solutions

The GitHub Platform:
Frameworks, Migrations, Actions, Security & Copilot – Get it Right The First Time

GitHub is not just a tool, it’s a catalyst for reinventing your DevOps ecosystem and the foundation that enables that transformation. It’s critical your Well Architected Frameworks and foundational layer is done right the first time – trust the experts.

Build a rock solid foundation in GitHub Enterprise Cloud (GHEC).

Bring your Identity Provider with utilizing Enterprise Managed Users (EMU)

Automate with GitHub Workflows & Actions

Secure your development and engineers within GitHub, leverage GitHub Advanced Security (GHAS) and Dependabot.

Stay ahead of your competition, accelerate your AI adoption with GitHub Copilot.

Atmosera has executed programs scaling from 50 to 15,000 engineers!

Security at the Forefront:
Help Your CISO Sleep Easy

“Shifting Left” doesn’t have to be a buzz word – Let Atmosera show you the particular tactics key organizations have used to modernize their security footprint and deliver software safer.

Protect yourself at the source! Keep code bases secure and monitored.

Detect & Isolate User Impersonation. Prevent Privilege Escalation & Persistent Access

Secure access to your SCM tool, automation, and code. Keep the right people elevated at the right times.

Embed security into your SDLC, toolsets and custom solutions to protect your processes. Own Event Orchestration Across Your SDLC.

DevOps Solutions
Atmosera's DevOps

Modernizing a Developer Experience Platform to Create a Distinguished Team of Excellence

Trying to keep your development teams focused on what they do best is a round the clock venture. Faster releases, less internal support tickets and more self service. The embodiment of DevOps, let’s InnerSource and win together.

From platform tools to the processes they use. The Developer Experience Platform encompasses the first commit to the final release. Our expert guidance can help make sense of this complex endeavor to link it all together.

Most organizations stutter when implementing such a solution, Atmosera can help you succeed. Our wholistic view on the topic sheds light onto what makes these engagements successful, a platform created by developers for developers.

As systems get more complex and more integrations are needed, the technical debt will continue to grow. With a solid Developer Experience Platform, the systems and process will be in place to handle this growth allowing your business to continue to scale.

Atmosera's DevOps Solutions

Our partnership-driven process accelerates your DevOps journey, delivering results faster
DevOps Gap Analysis

Let Atmosera have a look under the hood. Our DevOps experts will poke and prod at your current SDLC to provide you with a health report as well as next steps to improve. Think your SDLC is holding you back, this is the first stop to recovery.

CI/CD Implementation

Don’t have automation but need it? We can help you here in spades. Atmosera will work with your teams where they are. No matter if that is just starting out or seasoned experts adopting a new tool, we can get your automation up and running to save your time and money.

GitHub Migration

Migrations are never as simple as clone/push. We understand that and are prepared to go the extra mile with you to make sure it’s done right. Foundational architecture, integration testing, onboarding, training and of course the migrations!

GitHub Advanced Security

Getting started with the “Shift Left” movement? Our experts are ready to train and upskill your teams on enabling this powerful tool to secure your codebase and prevent future problems from arising.

GitHub Copilot Adoption

Don’t get left behind! AI adoption is rapid in the market and we are leading the charge in bringing GitHub CoPilot to teams across the globe. Join us as we enable developers for success in our AI assisted future.

Azure DevOps Migration

Azure DevOps remains a powerful suite of tools and a mainstay for countless organizations. Atmosera has collective decades of experience getting developers and administrators upskilled on Azure DevOps as well as migrated. Coming from TFS, Atlassian or Gitlab? You name it, we can help.

Creating Your Developer Experience Platform

Ready to take the next leap in DevOps? We want to be right there with you bringing our wealth of Platform experience to be your guide. It is a complex journey with a multitude of moving parts we know very well. Get your Developer Experience Platform started today as to not delay all those future value gains!


Security, it never should be out of mind. It’s everyone's responsibility. So why don’t we make it easier for everyone? Atmosera can help you automate security tasks and implement the governance needed to have confident cloud and platform foundations.

Tooling Training & Upskilling

Have a DevOps tool (there are thousands of them) or Platform that you need your team trained up on? We likely have training for it or can customize training to your needs. Take your teams from zero to hero in no time with Atmosera and our swath of expert led DevOps courses.

By the Numbers

The DevOps Advantage

Embracing DevOps is essential for businesses that want to innovate, adapt, and thrive in a fast-paced market
High-performing DevOps teams deploy 208x more frequently and have 106x faster lead time from commit to deploy compared to low performers.
Source: DORA State of DevOps Report
78% of companies using GitHub Enterprise report improved collaboration between development and IT operations teams.
Source: GitHub
Organizations practicing DevOps see a 5x lower change failure rate compared to non-DevOps organizations.
Source: Gartner
Organizations with mature DevOps practices saw a 20-25% improvement in key business metrics such as profitability, market share, and productivity.
Source: McKinsey

Your DevOps Transformation Partner: Atmosera

Contact Atmosera today to start building a more agile, secure, and innovative software delivery process.

Frequently Asked Questions

DevOps Questions.

Below are answers to common questions technical leaders have about partnering with Atmosera on DevOps. If you have a different question, please contact us!

How can Atmosera help us achieve faster software delivery without sacrificing quality?

At Atmosera, we understand the pressure to accelerate development cycles while maintaining high standards. Our DevOps transformation leverages best practices and Microsoft's industry-leading tools like Azure DevOps and GitHub. We'll work with your team to implement CI/CD pipelines, automate testing, and streamline workflows and this transformation is best supported by training and change management activities. This optimizes development processes, facilitates rapid deployments, and ensures continuous quality through automated checks. Additionally, as an Azure Expert MSP with Microsoft Specializations in DevOps and DevOps with GitHub, we possess unparalleled expertise in integrating these tools seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and have proven our mettle with some of the largest, most sophisticated organizations (including those who are known for their DevOps expertise/capabilities).

How can a DevOps transformation improve our return on software development investments?

Traditional development methods often lead to rework, delays, and missed functionalities. Atmosera's DevOps approach tackles these issues head-on. By prioritizing automation, collaboration, and continuous feedback loops, we minimize errors, reduce rework, and expedite deployments. This allows your team to focus on innovation and deliver high-value features faster. As a result, you'll see a significant improvement in your return on software development investments - with features reaching the market sooner and delivering greater value to your customers.

What differentiates Atmosera's approach to DevOps?

Our approach sets us apart in several important ways:

  • Deep Microsoft & GitHub Expertise: Being a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, Nationally Managed Microsoft Partner, having eight Specializations including two relative to DevOps, and being a member of GitHub’s Partner Advisory Board, signifies our unparalleled experience with how to best help organizations create value from modern DevOps practices.
  • Holistic Transformation: We go beyond just technology implementation. We tailor our approach to your unique needs, focusing on training, cultural shifts, process optimization, and continuous improvement.
  • Proven Track Record: Our team has a proven track record of successful DevOps transformations for some of the most well-known companies on the planet. We leverage this experience to ensure your project's success.
  • Focus on Business Outcomes: We understand that DevOps is not just a technical exercise. We focus on aligning your DevOps transformation with your overall business goals, ensuring measurable improvements in areas like speed, quality, security, and cost-efficiency – and collaboration.

Can you quantify the cost savings and ROI associated with Atmosera's DevOps Transformation services?

Absolutely. Studies show that mature DevOps practices can lead to a 20-25% improvement in profitability and a significant reduction in development costs. We work closely with you to establish clear metrics and KPIs before implementing our DevOps transformation. This allows us to track progress, demonstrate cost savings through streamlined processes, and quantify the ROI you achieve through faster deployments, improved quality, and increased development efficiency. Additionally, our experience integrating Microsoft's best-in-class, cost-effective DevOps tooling further optimizes your software development budget. GitHub Copilot is an amazing tool for efficiency gains and improved ROI on existing DevOps practices.

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