Atmosera Disaster Recovery (DR) Service

Safeguard Your Business and Stay Operational Even When Disasters Strike

Disasters come in many forms and our reliance on technology to conduct business means we are vulnerable when any event negatively impacts systems and applications. From cyber attacks and employee mistakes to power outages and earthquakes, there are many forms to events which will result in a potential disaster situation.

Assess Areas of Risk

Protect Systems and Data

Use Proven Playbooks

Together we identify all data and backup needs along with acceptable levels 
of reliability.

You can rely on our extensive experience deploying solutions that meet necessary recovery objectives.

Together we maintain comprehensive documentation and set of procedures taken before, during and after a disaster.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Every business is unique and has different thresholds to design their disaster recovery strategy against. Atmosera can help identify the right strategy for a company’s needs and create the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and supporting IT infrastructure to meet those needs.

We give you options to get ahead of all events which can lead to a disaster. We help you achieve the right peace of mind for your business. Atmosera services provide the means to replicate current production systems with various options.

As part of every deployment, customers get the following:

Virtual and/or Physical Machine assessment and planning for replication, includes sizing VMs in Azure as well as computing storage, bandwidth, and replication estimates for the environment.
Disaster Recovery (DR) Playbook creation and updates after every scheduled test.
Scheduled Testing
One (1) Disaster Recovery failover/failback exercise every six (6) months.
Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
Configurable down to a minimum replication window of one (1) hour.
Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
Environment dependent with a baseline objective which is not to exceed one (1) day.
VM Warm State
VMs are sized and kept in a warm state in preparation for a failover event with configurable checkpoint intervals.
Physical Server Warm State
Physical Servers are sized and kept in a warm state in preparation for a migration event with configurable checkpoint intervals. Failback is not possible when replicating Physical Servers.

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