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Elevate IT operations, accelerate innovation, and ensure robust security and compliance with Atmosera’s expert management services.

Leveraging modern technology, expertise, and a proactive partnership approach

Atmosera’s managed services optimize your cloud environment’s performance, security, and financial efficiency, empowering you to focus on your core business. Our focus is on reshaping your operational agility, empowering you to achieve more.

Optimize Performance and Reliability: Proactive monitoring, expert remediation, and continuous optimization ensure a high-performing, always-available cloud environment.

Mitigate Risk, Strengthen Security Posture: Comprehensive security monitoring, proactive threat detection, and streamlined compliance management minimize risk and protect your business.

Maximize ROI, Control Costs: Atmosera’s experts deliver efficient cloud operations, predictable costs, and strategic guidance to fuel long-term success.

Rest Assured: Atmosera’s experts navigate complex regulatory requirements (including HIPAA, PCI, HITRUST, CIS, NIST, FedRAMP), ensuring ongoing adherence and protection.

The highest global level of Microsoft Certification
Member of the GitHub Partner Advisory Board

Transform Your Cloud Operations

Partner with Atmosera to unlock the full potential of your cloud investment.

Featured Clients

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What some of our clients have to say

Michael Hinckley
CEO of busHive

At the time we selected Atmosera, they were one of 50 Azure Expert MSP vendors in the world rated as highly by Microsoft. After a few meetings, we felt very comfortable that we would have a good working relationship with Atmosera and we were right.

Gerald Bedwell
VP of Technology, Medadept

Through Atmosera, we’ve realized improved performance, better security, and increased ROI from our Azure investment.

Jimmy Kaanapu
CTO, Keona Health

Atmosera expertly manages our Azure environment, boosting our efficiency and security. Their reliable and timely service lets us focus on our core business.

Zach Hughes
Director of Engineering

Atmosera has changed many aspects of our work life. It's been a fantastic relationship. The projects ya'll have worked on have saved us time and money and have increased our environment awareness in Azure.

The managed services are awesome. Having folks available to fix/modify things 24/7 is awesome. We couldn't do that in-house. Response time is excellent.

Tim Fink
VP of Software Development, BusHive

Atmosera has provided 24/7 security monitoring of our Azure resources for the last 3 years. As a small company, we are not security experts, but we know security is essential to our success. Atmosera has been great to work with and we sleep better knowing they are always on the job.

Jérémie Bourque
Director of Software Engineering, Protocall

Atmosera has been a valuable partner in managing our Azure environment and maintaining the quality of our services. Their expertise provides us with peace of mind, allowing us to focus on helping those in need. I'm grateful that we can rely on Atmosera for our critical infrastructure, allowing us to dedicate our efforts to the important crisis intervention work that we specialize in.

Annette Casper
Child Support Technology Services Manager, Department of Justice - Division of Child Support

It’s been wonderful to see Atmosera’s transformation over the past three years. The growth in their organization has provided additional opportunities for the Oregon Child Support Program to take advantage of their expanded services. A recent example was when our team was able to broaden its technical knowledge through engagement with their training division. The Client Success team is responsive, informative, and often exceeds our expectations. The technical teams continue to work collaboratively with Atmosera to ensure we can fulfill the program’s mission to support parents to support children.

Sharon Levy
Chief Operating Officer, US Claims

We recently completed a migration of our virtual environment from a private cloud to Azure, and partnering with Atmosera was an absolute game-changer for us.

We couldn't be happier with our decision to partner with Atmosera. Their exceptional service, technical proficiency, and dedication to customer satisfaction have truly set them apart. We wholeheartedly recommend Atmosera to any organization seeking a trusted partner for their cloud migration and managed services needs.

Bryan Collins, Wallace Management
IT Supervisor

Atmosera has been instrumental in helping our business thrive through its exceptional cloud servers and support services. Their expertise and commitment to excellence have truly made a significant impact on our operations.


Built for Performance, Security, and Compliance – optimize your operations with our Managed Azure, Managed Cloud Security, Managed Compliance, and the Atmosera Management Platform (AMP).
Managed Azure Services

Azure Expertise at Your Service: Maximize Azure's potential with 24x7 expert management, optimization, and support from a seasoned Azure Expert MSP partner.

Managed Cloud Security

Protect Your Cloud, Protect Your Business: Atmosera's US-based Security Operations Center (SOC) and Microsoft's best-in-class security tools offer end-to-end threat protection and peace of mind.

Managed Governance

Navigate Compliance with Confidence: Atmosera safeguards continuous adherence to HIPAA, PCI, HITRUST, CIS, NIST, FedRAMP, and other frameworks.

Atmosera Management Platform (AMP)

Your Cloud Management Powerhouse: AMP's suite of API-based modules delivers automation, visibility, reliability, and governance across your entire environment.

Why Atmosera

Human Expertise, Modern Technology: We combine deep technical knowledge with a team approach for unmatched operational excellence. We’re highly accredited and have more than 25 years’ experience managing business critical infrastructure – most of all, we make a point of being great to work with.

Azure Expert MSP

Microsoft-Validated, Third-Party Audited Excellence: This is Microsoft's highest validation level, requiring a rigorous audit and exceeding standard MSP requirements. Atmosera collaborates directly with Microsoft and enjoys a
demonstrable record of delivering positive business outcomes for clients.

Innovation: Your Competitive Advantage

Discover the data-backed impact of innovation on business performance, market leadership, and growth.
Organizations utilizing cloud MSPs enjoy 2X faster deployment times compared to self-managed workloads.
(Source: Gartner)
Managed security services can reduce the average cost of a data breach by up to $3.8M.
(Source: IBM)
80% of organizations report significant improvements in compliance posture after partnering with an MSP.
(Source: Forrester)
MSPs enable businesses to unlock 40% more value from their cloud investments.
(Source: McKinsey)

Experience the Atmosera Difference

Contact us to discover how our Managed Solutions can transform your business.

Case Studies

Success in the Cloud

Discover real-world stories of transformation and growth from businesses like yours, who have successfully navigated their journey to Azure.
Leveraging Azure's robust capabilities and Atmosera's specialized expertise, Protocall achieved significant improvements...
Atmosera devised a meticulous deployment plan to rectify existing vulnerabilities and fortify...
This industry-leading fortune 500 semiconductor manufacturer embarked on a transformative journey to...
Project Overview This customer is one of the largest fast-food restaurant franchises...
busHive, Inc. offers software tailored for school bus and motorcoach operators, enabling...
Alabama based Intergraph (now part of Stockholm-based Hexagon) is a global leader...
Frequently Asked Questions

Our Managed Services

Gain the ability to not worry about Azure infrastructure, cloud security, or compliance activities.

We have internal IT resources. How does partnering with Atmosera complement our team?

Atmosera acts as a true extension of your team. We augment your internal IT capabilities with specialized Azure expertise, 24/7 availability, and proactive monitoring and management of systems that free up your resources to focus on strategic activities.

Our cloud security is a top priority. How does Atmosera ensure a more robust security posture than we could achieve on our own?

We leverage Microsoft's best-in-class security tools, a dedicated US-based Security Operations Center, and deep expertise in securing cloud environments. Our continuous monitoring, threat detection, and incident response services provide a multi-layered defense that goes beyond what most organizations can manage in-house.

We're hesitant to outsource compliance. How can Atmosera ensure we remain compliant with evolving regulations?

Our compliance experts have extensive experience with various frameworks (HIPAA, PCI, HITRUST, CIS, SOC, IRS-1075, FedRAMP, etc.). We provide ongoing management for what elements of the framework fall into Atmosera’s scope while providing a responsibility matrix, documentation support, and expert guidance to simplify compliance and mitigate the risks.

Our Azure environment is complex. How does Atmosera handle migration and onboarding seamlessly?

Answer: Our proven migration methodology ensures a smooth transition with minimal disruption. We perform a detailed assessment, create a tailored migration plan, and execute with precision. Our ongoing management ensures optimal performance and continuous improvement of your Azure environment. We have a proven onboarding process guided by experts and in many cases, a dedicated Client Success Manager.

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