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Unlock the hidden potential of your data. Atmosera leverages the latest Microsoft data tools and services, combined with our proven methodologies to transform your data landscape into a strategic asset to create more value. We begin with a deep understanding of your goals and challenges, then guide you towards a secure, high-performing data estate that unlocks unparalleled outcomes.

Gain Data Clarity: Uncover the full value of your data with comprehensive assessment and mapping.

Enhance Data Governance: Ensure data quality, security, and compliance with robust policies.

Modernize Your Estate: Future-proof your data infrastructure with optimized architecture and scalable solutions.

Enable Insights & Innovation: Unlock advanced analytics, machine learning, and cognitive services for transformative insights.

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Featured Clients

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What some of our clients have to say

Michael Hinckley
CEO of busHive

At the time we selected Atmosera, they were one of 50 Azure Expert MSP vendors in the world rated as highly by Microsoft. After a few meetings, we felt very comfortable that we would have a good working relationship with Atmosera and we were right.

Gerald Bedwell
VP of Technology, Medadept

Through Atmosera, we’ve realized improved performance, better security, and increased ROI from our Azure investment.

Jimmy Kaanapu
CTO, Keona Health

Atmosera expertly manages our Azure environment, boosting our efficiency and security. Their reliable and timely service lets us focus on our core business.

Zach Hughes
Director of Engineering

Atmosera has changed many aspects of our work life. It's been a fantastic relationship. The projects ya'll have worked on have saved us time and money and have increased our environment awareness in Azure.

The managed services are awesome. Having folks available to fix/modify things 24/7 is awesome. We couldn't do that in-house. Response time is excellent.

Tim Fink
VP of Software Development, BusHive

Atmosera has provided 24/7 security monitoring of our Azure resources for the last 3 years. As a small company, we are not security experts, but we know security is essential to our success. Atmosera has been great to work with and we sleep better knowing they are always on the job.

Jérémie Bourque
Director of Software Engineering, Protocall

Atmosera has been a valuable partner in managing our Azure environment and maintaining the quality of our services. Their expertise provides us with peace of mind, allowing us to focus on helping those in need. I'm grateful that we can rely on Atmosera for our critical infrastructure, allowing us to dedicate our efforts to the important crisis intervention work that we specialize in.

Annette Casper
Child Support Technology Services Manager, Department of Justice - Division of Child Support

It’s been wonderful to see Atmosera’s transformation over the past three years. The growth in their organization has provided additional opportunities for the Oregon Child Support Program to take advantage of their expanded services. A recent example was when our team was able to broaden its technical knowledge through engagement with their training division. The Client Success team is responsive, informative, and often exceeds our expectations. The technical teams continue to work collaboratively with Atmosera to ensure we can fulfill the program’s mission to support parents to support children.

Sharon Levy
Chief Operating Officer, US Claims

We recently completed a migration of our virtual environment from a private cloud to Azure, and partnering with Atmosera was an absolute game-changer for us.

We couldn't be happier with our decision to partner with Atmosera. Their exceptional service, technical proficiency, and dedication to customer satisfaction have truly set them apart. We wholeheartedly recommend Atmosera to any organization seeking a trusted partner for their cloud migration and managed services needs.

Bryan Collins, Wallace Management
IT Supervisor

Atmosera has been instrumental in helping our business thrive through its exceptional cloud servers and support services. Their expertise and commitment to excellence have truly made a significant impact on our operations.

Data Modernization

Partner with Atmosera to transform your business with modern technology and human expertise.

Atmosera leverages the full power of Microsoft technologies to maximize your data outcomes.

Microsoft Expertise: We understand Azure and Microsoft’s data technologies to deliver tailored, outcomes-focused data modernization solutions.

New to Azure? We design future-proof Azure data architectures and can leverage the spectrum of Microsoft data services, ensuring a seamless migration and a data strategy perfectly aligned with your goals.

Established Azure Users: We optimize your existing Azure and data investment, enhancing analytics, security, cost efficiency, and integration with Microsoft’s advanced data tools and services.

Consultative & Strategic: Our approach combines deep technical knowledge with a focus on achieving measurable business outcomes.

Atmosera and Azure for Data Modernization

Azure is at the core of Microsoft’s offerings for cloud-based data management, analytics, and AI services. Atmosera is an Azure Expert MSP. We know Azure and Data Modernization with Microsoft.

Comprehensive Platform: Azure is a one-stop platform offering data storage, management, analytics, and machine learning, providing a secure and scalable foundation for best-in-class data services and tools.

Integration and Scalability: Azure excels in integrating data services like Fabric, Synapse Analytics, Data Lake, Data Factory, and Databricks, enabling a scalable ecosystem for everything from data ingestion to AI.

Security and Compliance: Azure ensures top-tier security and compliance across its global infrastructure, meeting regional and industry-specific standards essential for modern data management.

Innovation and Ecosystem: Continually evolving, Azure fosters data-driven innovation with new services and capabilities, while the Azure Marketplace offers third-party solutions to amplify Microsoft’s data offerings.

Atmosera and Azure for Data Modernization

Atmosera Data Modernization Accelerator

Standardize, govern, and model your data so that you can derive business insights and make better, more informed business decisions. Atmosera’s Azure and Data Specialists will partner with your team to build an MVP solution to help accelerate your evolution of PowerBI and Azure Synapse.

Atmosera will use Power BI Premium, Synapse, Databricks, Purview, ADX and/or Microsoft Fabric to build and deploy the MVP project and create a development plan to help deploy a full solution to Azure.


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Elevate Your Data, Transform Your Business

Unlock your data value with our data technologies expertise and outcome-driven approach
Strategic Alignment

Analyze your current landscape, goals, and challenges to design a customized roadmap that fuels your business success – leveraging the best of Azure and Microsoft's data technologies.

Architecture Blueprint

Architect a future-ready data foundation, tailoring Azure services and Microsoft data technologies to ensure scalability, security, and optimal performance for your unique workloads.

Seamless Migration

Devise a strategic migration plan (potentially to Azure or other platforms within the Microsoft suite), prioritizing data integrity, minimizing operational disruption, and leveraging the best migration tools and services.

Governance & Security

Strengthen your security posture and ensure compliance with a multi-level strategy combining Azure security measures, integrated data governance, and Microsoft's security solutions.

Analytics & AI

Empower your team with Microsoft's powerful analytics suite, enabling insights that drive innovation and strategic decision-making. This involves tailoring Azure solutions and other potential data science and AI tools.

Optimization & Growth

Continuously monitor and refine your data environment, maximizing performance, controlling costs, and leveraging innovative services ensuring long-term value creation and return on investment.

By the Numbers

The Power of Data Modernization is in the numbers

95% of Fortune 500 companies leverage Azure for their data services.
Source: Microsoft
Organizations deploying modern data warehouses have seen up to 40% improvement in operational efficiency.
Source: Gartner
Companies adopting AI and machine learning solutions experience a 30% boost in customer satisfaction.
Source: Forrester
Enterprises utilizing comprehensive data governance frameworks achieve 50% faster compliance reporting.
Source: IDC

Let's Meet Where You Need To Be Met On Your Data Journey

Partner with Atmosera for a data modernization experience designed to deliver actionable results, not just technology.

Case Studies

Success in the Cloud

Discover real-world stories of transformation and growth from businesses like yours, who have successfully navigated their journey to Azure.
Leveraging Azure's robust capabilities and Atmosera's specialized expertise, Protocall achieved significant improvements...
Atmosera devised a meticulous deployment plan to rectify existing vulnerabilities and fortify...
This industry-leading fortune 500 semiconductor manufacturer embarked on a transformative journey to...
Project Overview This customer is one of the largest fast-food restaurant franchises...
busHive, Inc. offers software tailored for school bus and motorcoach operators, enabling...
Alabama based Intergraph (now part of Stockholm-based Hexagon) is a global leader...
Frequently Asked Questions

Insights for Informed Decisions

Leverage Atmosera’s expertise and Microsoft Azure’s advanced technologies for a data modernization strategy that delivers on your business objectives.

How does Atmosera align data modernization efforts with our specific business outcomes?

Atmosera prioritizes a business-outcome approach to data modernization. We go beyond technology to understand the core goals you want to achieve with your data. Here's how we ensure alignment:

  • Deep Understanding: We begin with in-depth consultations and assessments to uncover your pain points, strategic priorities, and desired outcomes. This might focus on improving customer experiences, boosting operational efficiency, enhancing compliance postures, or driving innovation.
  • Mapping Outcomes to Technology: We translate your business goals into actionable technology requirements. Our expertise across Azure's diverse suite (Synapse Analytics, Databricks, Purview, etc.) allows us to select the optimal solutions to support your objectives.
  • Measurable KPIs: We define clear success metrics and KPIs tied to your modernization initiatives. This ensures we're tracking quantifiable progress against your business needs.
  • Iterative Approach: Modernization is a journey. We work in an agile manner, regularly reviewing progress, and fine-tuning our approach based on real-world data and your evolving needs.

Example: If your primary goal is accelerating innovation, we might prioritize:

  • Scalable data platforms for rapid experimentation (Azure Databricks)
  • AI solutions and cognitive services to unlock new insights (Azure Machine Learning or Azure AI)
  • Integration with third-party tools to enhance your innovation pipeline.

Atmosera's commitment is to deliver a modernized data landscape that empowers you to achieve your unique business objectives.

What makes Atmosera's approach to security and compliance in data modernization unique?

We understand the paramount importance of data security and regulatory compliance in today's landscape. Our approach balances robust protection with the flexibility needed to meet evolving industry standards. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Holistic Security & Governance: We prioritize security and compliance from day one, seamlessly weaving it into the core of your modernization strategy.
  • Beyond Tools: While we leverage Azure's powerful security suite, our strength lies in tailoring solutions to your unique needs. We assess your industry, regulations, and data landscape to design a multi-layered security and governance framework that ensures comprehensive protection.
  • Proactive Compliance: We proactively monitor the regulatory landscape and adapt your compliance posture accordingly. This ensures you stay ahead of evolving standards and minimize risk.
  • Data-Centric Approach: We understand that security and compliance aren't just IT concerns – they are business imperatives. We guide you on best practices for data handling, access controls, and governance processes that align with your strategic objectives and risk tolerance.
  • Industry Expertise: Our deep experience across various industries allows us to tailor solutions that address sector-specific compliance requirements such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and others.

In what ways can data modernization with Atmosera reduce our operational costs?

Atmosera's approach to data modernization delivers tangible cost savings through a combination of strategic optimization and expert implementation:

  • Right-Sizing Your Data Infrastructure: We analyze your current data storage and compute needs to identify overprovisioned resources and inefficiencies. By leveraging Azure's flexible pricing models and services like Azure Data Lake Storage, we ensure you only pay for what you use, leading to immediate cost reductions.
  • Streamlining Data Workflows: We eliminate redundant data processes, automate manual tasks, and optimize data pipelines using Azure Synapse Analytics and associated technologies. This results in improved operational efficiency, reduced IT staffing overhead, and faster time-to-insight.
  • Intelligent Workload Management: Atmosera helps you take full advantage of Azure's elasticity. By dynamically scaling resources up or down based on demand, you avoid the costs of maintaining peak capacity infrastructure year-round.
  • Proactive Cost Monitoring: We implement Azure Cost Management tools to provide granular visibility into your cloud expenses. This enables proactive budgeting, identification of cost anomalies, and ongoing optimization.
  • Tailored for Your Business: Our approach isn't one-size-fits-all. We understand that every organization has unique data profiles and workloads. Our solutions are customized to your specific needs, maximizing cost efficiency without compromising performance.
  • Beyond Direct Savings: Data modernization with Atmosera often reduces costs in less obvious ways, such as:
  • Minimizing Downtime: Our focus on robust architecture and seamless migration reduces the risk of costly outages.
  • Faster Innovation: Modernized data ecosystems empower you to bring new products and services to market faster, driving revenue growth.

What are Atmosera's strategies for ensuring effective data governance during modernization?

Atmosera recognizes that data governance is not merely a technical checkbox; it's essential for maintaining data quality, ensuring compliance, and maximizing the value of your data assets. Here's how we ensure effective governance throughout modernization:

  • Baseline & Roadmap: We don't start with tools. We begin with a thorough assessment of your current data governance practices, policies, and pain points. This allows us to develop a customized roadmap aligned with your business goals and compliance requirements.
  • Azure Purview as a Foundation: We leverage Azure Purview's powerful data cataloging, discovery, and lineage tracking capabilities. This provides a centralized view of your data landscape and automates key governance processes.
  • Business-Centric Policies: We work closely with your stakeholders to define clear data ownership, access controls, and quality standards that support your operational and decision-making needs.
  • Focus on Usability: Effective governance isn't just about rules; it's about making data accessible and trustworthy for your users. We integrate data quality checks, metadata management, and user-friendly interfaces to enhance data usability.
  • Compliance by Design: We embed compliance requirements into your data architecture and governance processes from the outset. This proactive approach aligns with industry regulations (HIPAA, GDPR, etc.) and minimizes the risk of costly non-compliance.
  • Continuous Evolution: Data governance is an ongoing journey. Atmosera provides support for updating policies, monitoring adherence, and adapting to changing regulations, ensuring your governance framework keeps pace with your evolving business.
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