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Accelerate your business with expertly managed Azure solutions, 24/7/52.

Achieve better business outcomes with Atmosera’s Managed Azure Services

Atmosera’s experts proactively manage, optimize, and secure your Azure environment, freeing you to focus on strategic business outcomes.

Enhance performance, reliability, security, and scalability for your mission-critical applications through our deep Azure expertise.

Optimize your cloud spend, achieving the best cost-performance balance for your needs.

Accelerate your cloud innovation with support for cutting-edge Azure services and expert guidance on implementation.

Gain agility and adaptability with Atmosera’s responsive support and robust automation platform, AMP.

The highest global level of Microsoft Certification
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Featured Managed Azure Clients

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What some of our clients have to say

Gerald Bedwell
VP of Technology, Medadept

Through Atmosera, we’ve realized improved performance, better security, and increased ROI from our Azure investment.

Jimmy Kaanapu
CTO, Keona Health

Atmosera expertly manages our Azure environment, boosting our efficiency and security. Their reliable and timely service lets us focus on our core business.

Zach Hughes
Director of Engineering

Atmosera has changed many aspects of our work life. It's been a fantastic relationship. The projects ya'll have worked on have saved us time and money and have increased our environment awareness in Azure.

The managed services are awesome. Having folks available to fix/modify things 24/7 is awesome. We couldn't do that in-house. Response time is excellent.

Managed Azure for Business Outcome Excellence: The Atmosera Advantage

Achieve your business objectives with our expertise in performance, security, cost-efficiency, and reliability across the Azure platform

Azure Expertise “on your team”
Leverage our certified Azure engineers, architects, and security specialists as an extension of your organization 24x7x52.

Focus your resources; extend your expertise.
Free up your teams for the strategic by partnering with recognized specialist for Azure management and operations

Mitigate Risk, Achieve Goals with Best Practices
Implement Microsoft-endorsed frameworks (CAF, WAF) for security, reliability, and governance in Azure.

On-Demand Scalability, Always-on Visibility
Quickly scale Azure resources up or down to match business demands while optimizing for expense, performance, security, and user experience.

Why Managed Azure? The Power of Partnership

Unlock the full benefits of Azure with a trusted, expert provider.

Cost-Aware Azure Management
Maximize the value of your Azure investment with rightsizing, automation, and continuous cost optimization.

Accelerated Innovation with Azure
Leverage the latest Azure services and our spectrum of infrastructure, application, and security expertise to stay ahead of the technology curve.

Reliability, Predictability and Transparency
Detailed reporting, ITIL-based operations supported by client-outcome-focused support and automations, and open communication give you visibility and control to maximize your Azure investment.

Robust Azure Security Posture
We are Azure security experts and fortify your cloud security with proactive threat detection, vulnerability management, and incident response.

Atmosera: Your Trusted Azure Partner

We don’t just manage your Azure, we power your success.

Proven Expertise. We’ve focused on Azure for over a decade and operate at the highest echelon of Azure expertise. We are an Expert MSP with eight Microsoft Specializations and translate that knowledge and our experience into great business outcomes for our clients.

Client Driven, Business Outcome Inspired. Our clients’ goals are our goals. We take the time to understand our clients’ businesses, their unique objectives, and we operate with that understanding to provide a “we’re your team” experience – from the solution we design and implement, to how we interact and communicate.

Security-First Mindset Simply put, protecting our clients’ data, their reputations, and their commitment to their customers is at the core of all we do.

Innovation and Strategy. An important part of Atmosera as a partner to our clients is keeping innovation, new methodologies or technologies, and ways to optimize for better outcomes a consistent reality of our work together.

The Managed Azure Journey

Our structured approach aligned with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework ensures efficiency and effectiveness, but it’s our years of Azure management experience, sole focus on Azure, and down-to-earth approach that makes us the best.
Azure Discovery & Assessment

We'll collaborate to deeply understand your business goals, applications, and data. This allows us to create a customized Azure architecture, outlining resource groups, networking, VMs, storage, and security – all optimized to balance your performance needs with cost considerations. We'll establish clear governance and operational models (including naming, access control, tagging, monitoring, runbooks, and automation) to ensure long-term success and maintainability.

Cloud Migration Planning

We'll use our deep expertise to design a tailored migration strategy that minimizes risk and maximizes the speed and success of your move to Azure. We'll carefully assess your specific workloads to determine the best approach, whether it's a simple "Lift & Shift," minor refactoring, a cloud-native rearchitecture, or a complete rebuild using Azure PaaS services – we have the experience to do this right.

Managed Azure Implementation

We'll streamline your Azure deployment process using automation tools for efficiency and reliability. We'll structure your subscriptions (if applicable) for easy cost management and secure access control. We'll design a robust network foundation tailored to your performance needs, including optimized connectivity and strong security. Finally, we'll expertly select the right storage solutions to match your diverse data requirements.

Atmosera Management Platform (AMP)

At Atmosera, we understand the challenges of managing a complex Azure environment. Our proprietary Atmosera Management Platform (AMP) is designed to simplify your experience, delivering unmatched efficiency, scalability, and control. AMP seamlessly integrates into your Azure environment, providing a suite of powerful tools to streamline deployment, monitor your infrastructure proactively, visualize resource performance, keep documentation up-to-date, manage security and compliance, and track billing with precision. Our cloud experts leverage AMP to monitor and optimize your resources around the clock, freeing you to focus on driving your business forward.

Learn more about AMP


At Atmosera, we believe a successful Managed Azure experience requires more than just technical expertise. That's why we prioritize smooth onboarding and comprehensive knowledge transfer. We'll establish a variety of communication channels from the start. We ensure an understanding and transparency of management processes, activities, and the roles and responsibilities involved in our partnership. Our goal is to meet or exceed your business objectives and your definition of a high-quality Managed Azure experience.

Managed Azure Operations

Atmosera’s Baseline Managed Azure Operations offer comprehensive security, 24/7/52 monitoring, proactive issue resolution, and expert optimization – we operate as an extension of your team. We're staffed with certified Azure experts, leveraging advanced tools to maintain a performant and transparent operational and security posture.

Atmosera’s Enhanced Baseline Managed Azure Operations include additional services such as DBAaaS, Managed Disaster Recovery, Premier Managed Security, or other Platform or Workload operations services via AMP. Beyond pure management, we partner with you through regular reviews, ensuring your Azure environment aligns with your evolving business needs and fuels long-term, cost-effective growth. Plus, we're committed to making this relationship enjoyable!

By the Numbers

The Power of Managed Azure: Insights

Evidence-based benefits of utilizing expert Azure management services.
Organizations that partner with a managed service provider experience a 59% decrease in unplanned downtime on average.
Source: LogicMonitor, 2021 IT Outage Impact Study
Companies using managed security services see an average of 27% faster detection and remediation of cybersecurity incidents.
Source: Alert Logic, State of Cybersecurity Report 2020
Businesses can potentially save up to 35% on their cloud spend by leveraging the optimization expertise of a managed cloud provider.
Source: ParkMyCloud, 2023 Cloud Optimization Report
Organizations utilizing managed cloud services report a 62% increase in the speed at which they can deploy new applications or features.
Source: IDC, Cloud Managed Services Survey 2022

Elevate Your Azure Strategy With Atmosera

Discover how Managed Azure can accelerate your cloud goals and drive technical excellence.

Case Studies

Success in the Cloud

Discover real-world stories of transformation and growth from businesses like yours, who have successfully navigated their journey to Azure.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Managed Azure FAQs: Insights for Technical Executives

Uncover the strategic value of Managed Azure for your organization.

Why Atmosera?

Our Experience – before we became one of the preeminent Azure service providers on the planet, we owned datacenters and provided managed private cloud services. We were an asset-focused, CAPEX-bound traditional colocation and hosting company. In 2014, we initiated our journey to become the most positively recognized Azure service provider in the world. Our transformation journey is a similar journey to what our clients are navigating. We have a foundation of experience in our own transformation. From evolutions in technologies, operations, processes, services, skills, people, culture; you name it, we’ve done it and did so with a requirement of absolute expense efficiency. As everyone knows, the journey doesn’t end, and continuous improvement and innovation are required to maintain competitiveness and relevance. We bring the perspective of our journey and an innovate or die mindset, along with our experience from hundreds of Azure engagements and millions of work hours managing Azure services for clients all around the world, to create immense value for our clients through our work and how we show up for them.

Our Mindset - we’ve been managing mission critical infrastructure since 1995 and specifically, Azure infrastructure since 2014. Taking care of the underlying foundation supporting applications that serve healthcare organizations, financial institutions, government, and a wide range of other businesses is in our DNA. There is no one better at architecting, deploying, managing, and optimizing Azure environments and a core differentiator is that we care, we are nimble, we are clever, and we pride ourselves in thinking around corners for our clients.

Azure Expert MSP with Specializations - Beyond being a Nationally Managed Partner with Microsoft and holding the highest Microsoft accreditation one can obtain – Azure Expert MSP – Atmosera holds eight Specializations. These certifications demonstrate our depth of Azure and Microsoft expertise and our dedication to continuous learning. Our team's hands-on experience with hundreds of Azure projects enables us to understand your specific needs and translate them into technically sound, financially efficient solutions. We're not just configuration experts; we're Azure problem solvers, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

Proactive Security Focus - We prioritize security throughout your Azure journey. We operate a full Security Operations Center, and our team conducts regular vulnerability assessments, manages advanced threat monitoring with Azure security tools, and if Compliance is part of the requirement, helps you align operations with Compliance frameworks.

Architectural Rigor and Optimization Expertise - We leverage the Microsoft Well-Architected Framework to design Azure solutions for performance, reliability, security, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. Our engineers and automations continuously analyze your environment to identify areas for cost savings and efficiency improvements.

Transparency, Predictability & Collaboration - Clear communication is key. We provide detailed reporting on your Azure environment, offer clear SLAs, and work collaboratively with your team through every stage of our Managed Azure partnership.

Dedicated to Innovation & Growth - We're not just managing your current Azure setup; we're looking ahead. Our team stays on top of the latest Azure advancements and proactively works with you to implement new technologies that can accelerate your business and drive more value.

A True Partnership Built on Trust - We understand that outsourcing Azure management is really a sale of trust. Our approach fosters a collaborative partnership where we act as an extension of your team, prioritizing your business goals and maintaining open communication. You can focus on strategic initiatives knowing that your Azure environment is in safe hands and our goal is to operate in ways that reinforce that initial decision of why you chose Atmosera.

Atmosera Management Platform (AMP): Your Competitive Edge - Our proprietary Atmosera Management Platform (AMP) delivers visibility, efficiency, and control for your Azure environment. AMP's API-driven architecture leverages automation and standardization, providing real-time insights, proactive security, and a seamless management experience. We continue to invest in our service experience and AMP is a cornerstone of how we drive more scale, efficiency, and value for our clients.

In the end, it comes down to people doing business with people and the trust that is generated in that reality. Atmosera brings unparalleled experience, expertise, and a relentless focus on customer success to your Azure journey. Our own transformation story mirrors those of our clients, giving us deep insight into the challenges and opportunities of cloud adoption. We combine a security-first mindset with deep Azure proficiency (including Expert MSP status and specializations) to deliver reliable, transparent, and innovative solutions.

How does Atmosera leverage the Microsoft Well-Architected Framework for Azure deployments?

The Microsoft Well-Architected Framework (WAF) serves as a foundational guide throughout all our Managed Azure engagements. We systematically address each pillar for a holistic approach:

  • Cost Optimization: Right-sizing recommendations, reserved instances, automation, and continuous review minimize unnecessary Azure spending.
  • Operational Excellence: Automation and infrastructure as code (IaC) principles streamline operations, reducing errors and downtime.
  • Performance Efficiency: We monitor performance metrics to proactively identify bottlenecks, optimize resource usage, and ensure applications meet your SLAs.
  • Reliability: High availability, disaster recovery planning, and redundancy design are central to maintaining uptime. We utilize Azure's built-in resilience features expertly.
  • Security: Our solutions incorporate Azure security tools and best practices from the foundation up, prioritizing access control, encryption, and threat monitoring.

The Microsoft Well-Architected Framework provides the bedrock for our Managed Azure services. By meticulously addressing each pillar – Cost Optimization, Operational Excellence, Performance Efficiency, Reliability, and Security – we deliver a comprehensive solution that maximizes your Azure investment. We'll help you control costs, streamline operations, ensure peak application performance, build a resilient infrastructure, and maintain a robust security posture. Our deep understanding of the framework, combined with our Azure expertise, ensures your cloud journey is aligned with best practices and positioned for long-term success.

Does Atmosera have SLAs for response times and issue resolution within Managed Azure?

Atmosera provides financially backed SLAs relative to performance and uptime and operates under defined Service Level Objectives (SLOs) based on incident severity to ensure timely action and transparent communication.

Our commitment to service excellence is reflected in our SLAs and SLOs. With 24/7/52 support, an ITIL-based, three tier escalation model, regular ticketing updates, and a dedicated Client Success Manager, you can trust that we'll work tirelessly to keep your Azure environment running smoothly and minimize downtime. This level of accountability provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Does Atmosera provide reporting and analytics on Azure usage, costs, and security metrics?

Yes, we prioritize visibility and data-driven insights. Visibility includes:

  • Azure Usage & Spending: Detailed cost breakdowns, trend analysis, budget alerts, and optimization recommendations.
  • Security Posture: Vulnerability reports, compliance adherence, configuration changes, security event logs.
  • Performance Metrics: Resource utilization, application response times, availability reports Clients have access to a customizable dashboard for real-time monitoring. We also provide scheduled reports with deeper analysis, focusing on actionable recommendations for improvement.

Additionally, our Client Success Team provides Executive Business Reviews and other forms of communication and information exchange. At the end of the day, we’re in business together and the product is “trust”, which is maintained and reinforced through, among many things, communication, action, and positive shared reality.

Can Atmosera manage hybrid Azure environments for clients with on-premises infrastructure?

Yes, Atmosera has deep expertise in managing hybrid cloud environments. We utilize tools and services such as:

  • Azure Arc: To extend Azure management and governance to on-premises servers and resources.
  • Azure Site Recovery: For disaster recovery replication and failover between on-premises and Azure.
  • Azure Network Integration: Secure connectivity using VPN, ExpressRoute, or other hybrid networking solutions.
  • Integrated Monitoring: Combining Azure Monitor with your existing tools for a unified view of your hybrid infrastructure health.

We already have some in-house Azure expertise. How can an MSP like Atmosera complement our team while leveraging the Well-Architected Framework?

Atmosera collaborates with your team to augment your strengths. We can offer specialized expertise in areas where you may have gaps, conduct WAF reviews for a fresh perspective, and provide ongoing optimization and monitoring. This hybrid model maximizes your investment in both in-house talent and the value of an expert Managed Azure partner.

How does Atmosera integrate DevOps practices into its WAF-driven Managed Azure approach?

DevOps and WAF work in tandem for a well-run cloud environment. Atmosera utilizes Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) to align with the WAF and promote agile, version-controlled deployments. We emphasize CI/CD pipelines and automated testing to ensure changes adhere to WAF standards, speeding up delivery while improving quality.

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