Azure Migration & Security Transformation using Microsoft Entra


Fortune 500 Chemical & Specialty Materials Company

A global technology and specialty materials company that engineers manufactures, and sells high-performance engineered polymers in the United States and internationally.

Irving, Texas (Headquarters) – Worldwide
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Security-Centric Digital Overhaul and Azure migration

A global leader in manufacturing industrial-grade chemicals and other specialty derivative products. The company employs approximately 13,000 employees worldwide and owns and operates over 50 manufacturing facilities in 27 countries. Atmosera emerged as their trusted partner, tasked with orchestrating a security-centric digital overhaul to safeguard their Azure cloud migration process and ensure robust protection of sensitive data using Microsoft Entra solutions including adhering to security frameworks such as NIST, CIS, PCI-DSS, and GDPR. It also paved the way to set them up for sustainable growth and innovation.


Precipitated Operational Disruptions, Compromising Productivity, and Significant Cybersecurity Risks

In the dynamic landscape of global advanced materials and specialty chemicals, the company faced a critical juncture: the imperative to migrate its extensive IT infrastructure to the cloud while fortifying its security measures. This ambitious undertaking posed multifaceted challenges, including the need to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities across a complex ecosystem.

The engagement began with a comprehensive assessment of its existing security posture. This initial phase uncovered a landscape fraught with hidden challenges: From critical security gaps and misconfigurations to systemic vulnerabilities within their Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and Conditional Access policies. Atmosera found that hundreds of cloud apps were not covered by Conditional Access. It was also uncovered there were 92 Conditional Access policies and 700 noncompliant endpoints. These vulnerabilities had already precipitated operational disruptions, compromising productivity and exposing them to significant cybersecurity risks.

Azure Network Security Groups

Deployment strategy to fix current weaknesses and strengthen security to fend off future threats

Atmosera devised a meticulous deployment plan to rectify existing vulnerabilities and fortify its security framework against future threats. The solution was not merely technical but strategic, aligning with best practices from Microsoft and global security frameworks such as NIST, CIS, PCI-DSS, and GDPR.

Key elements of the solution included:

  • Comprehensive Security Framework: Atmosera implemented a granular approach to enhance its security posture, addressing over 92 misconfigured Conditional Access policies and securing more than 700 endpoints to comply with stringent security standards.
  • Introduction of Microsoft Entra: Atmosera leveraged Microsoft Entra’s Identity and Access Management solution, to significantly enhance its security. Deployments included Microsoft Entra ID Password Protection, Conditional Access, Connect Health, and Staged Migration, ensuring a robust defense against cyber threats.
  • Strategic Partnership: Atmosera collaborated closely with their teams to ensure seamless Organizational Change Management (OCM), addressing operational challenges and incorporating IoT considerations that were crucial for the client’s integrated operations.

A blueprint for organizations looking for advanced security solutions in driving digital transformation

The results of Atmosera’s engagement were transformative and impactful:

  • Stabilized Infrastructure: Atmosera successfully stabilized and optimized its ADFS infrastructure, eliminating vulnerabilities that previously threatened operational continuity.
  • Enhanced Security Posture: The revamped Conditional Access policies and Microsoft Entra implementations significantly reduced its threat landscape, enhancing overall security efficacy and resilience.
  • Operational Efficiency: By streamlining and securing its cloud migration, Atmosera enabled uninterrupted productivity and operational continuity, alleviating security concerns that previously impeded business operations.
  • Future Readiness: The project not only addressed immediate security challenges but also positioned them for future growth and scalability in a cloud-based environment, setting a precedent for modern authentication practices and robust security frameworks.

Why Atmosera?

Atmosera’s partnership with the business exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic collaboration and advanced security solutions in driving digital transformation. By addressing complex security challenges with precision and expertise, Atmosera not only secured its migration to the cloud but also paved the way for sustainable growth and innovation.

This initiative serves as a blueprint for organizations navigating digital transformations, highlighting the critical role of meticulous planning, deep technical expertise, and collaborative partnerships in achieving secure, efficient, and resilient IT ecosystems. As Atmosera continues to evolve its Managed Security Services with Microsoft’s advanced toolsets, its success stands as a testament to its capability as a visionary architect of secure digital futures in an increasingly interconnected world.

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