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A global high-performance and adaptive computing leader, powering the products and services that help solve the world’s most important challenges. The technologies advance the future of the data center, embedded, gaming, and PC markets.

Developers onboarded to GitHub Copilot
$50+ Million
Annual ROI after increased developer productivity

A transformative journey to redefine the essence of productivity and innovation through the utilization of AI.

In the fast-paced realm of semiconductor manufacturing, characterized by rapid technological advancements and fierce global competition, the company found itself at a pivotal juncture over the last 24 months. As a leader renowned for pushing the boundaries of innovation and speed, it faced multifaceted challenges that demanded strategic solutions to maintain and strengthen its market leadership. Partnering with Atmosera and Microsoft, this industry-leading semiconductor manufacturer embarked on a transformative journey to redefine the essence of productivity and innovation in its domain, especially through the utilization of AI.

Atmosera’s unique position in the marketplace, an exclusively Microsoft and GitHub-only partner, has allowed manufacturing companies to take advantage of a truly unmatched synergy that has catalyzed unprecedented growth, efficiency, and strategic advantage.


Challenges in optimizing efficiency and agility across diverse business units, with a commitment to delivering cutting-edge products and solutions.

The complexity and scale of its global operations posed challenges in optimizing efficiency and agility across diverse business units, with a commitment to delivering cutting-edge products and solutions, and it needed to streamline its software development lifecycle (SLDC) to accelerate time-to-market while upholding the highest standards of quality.

The industry’s increasing reliance on AI and cloud technologies presented both an opportunity and a challenge. They recognized the imperative to harness these technologies strategically to enhance productivity, empower its global workforce, and drive innovation. This required technological integration and cultural transformation within the organization to foster a mindset of continuous improvement and adaptability.

They sought to mitigate operational complexities and enhance collaboration across its global developer community. Automating routine tasks and providing developers with advanced tools to simplify and accelerate development processes were key priorities to unlock productivity gains and facilitate greater creativity in problem-solving.


A strategic roadmap focused on implementing GitHub Copilot to augment developer capabilities and streamline SLDC workflows.

To address these challenges comprehensively, it embarked on a transformative partnership with Atmosera, a leading Microsoft and GitHub-exclusive partner specializing in cloud solutions and AI-driven transformations. Together with Microsoft’s advanced technologies, they partnered with Atmosera and devised a strategic roadmap focused on implementing GitHub Copilot, an AI-powered tool designed to augment developer capabilities and streamline SLDC workflows.

The partnership began with a thorough assessment of its global operational landscape and SLDC practices. This assessment informed a tailored deployment strategy for GitHub Copilot, ensuring alignment with its strategic objectives and operational needs. Crucially, the initiative was underpinned by a collaborative investment approach with Microsoft, and Atmosera, reflecting a shared commitment to driving excellence and innovation in semiconductor manufacturing through advanced technologies.


A blueprint for organizations looking to embrace AI-driven transformations.

The outcomes of this strategic collaboration were transformative, yielding significant advancements across key metrics:

  • Scalability and Efficiency: Within an accelerated timeframe they successfully onboarded 10,000 developers onto GitHub Copilot. This rapid deployment was supported by comprehensive documentation, extensive training programs, and ongoing technical support from Atmosera. The swift adoption rate underscored the tool’s usability and effectiveness in enhancing developer productivity and streamlining workflows.
  • Productivity and Innovation: By automating repetitive tasks and providing intelligent coding suggestions, GitHub Copilot empowered its developers to focus more on innovation and problem-solving. This shift not only accelerated the SLDC but also boosted job satisfaction and retention rates among developers, fostering a culture of creativity and continuous learning. Developer productivity witnessed an estimated 22% increase, translating into an annual ROI of approximately $50 million.
  • Strategic AI Integration: Leveraging Atmosera’s deep expertise they identified and implemented targeted use cases for GitHub Copilot across its global development teams. This strategic integration of AI technologies optimized development processes, enabling them to stay at the forefront of AI-driven innovation in semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Future Growth: The synergistic relationship between their ambitious technological vision and Microsoft’s robust cloud infrastructure, establishes a scalable foundation for future growth and innovation.
  • Global Impact and Scalability: Serving over 10,000 developers globally, the deployment of GitHub Copilot demonstrated its scalability and potential for replication across industries. It standardized development practices across its global footprint, setting a benchmark for leveraging AI and cloud technologies to achieve operational excellence and competitive advantage.

Why Atmosera?

The collaboration between them, Atmosera, and Microsoft exemplifies the transformative power of strategic partnerships and advanced technologies in driving industry innovation. By integrating AI and cloud technologies into its operations it not only optimized efficiency and productivity but also fostered a culture of continuous improvement and agility. This initiative serves as a blueprint for organizations looking to embrace AI-driven transformations, illustrating how visionary partnerships can unlock new opportunities and propel growth in the digital era.

As they continue to lead advancements in semiconductor manufacturing, the success of this collaboration underscores its commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to maintain a competitive edge. Moving forward, the insights gained from this initiative will guide them and their partners in shaping the future of technology, driving sustainable growth, and delivering unparalleled value to customers and stakeholders alike.

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