New Billing Portal

In an effort to continue delivering more value to our customers, we are rolling out a new Billing Portal which will enable you to view and manage your Atmosera bills. This will be a phased rollout starting in June 2018. We will send emails with more details when your account has been migrated and is ready to access the Portal.

Is the REMIT TO address changing?

Yes, the new billing system we are using has a new REMIT TO address which is reflected on your invoice. Starting in June 2018, we ask that you pay close attention to the remit to address on your invoice and update your systems accordingly.

Who will have access to the new Billing Portal?

Once rolled out, any customer who has been assigned the role of Authorized User will receive a login to the new portal. This includes all contacts currently receiving a copy of your bill by email. You will be able to add additional Authorized Users by working with your account team.

When will I be able to access the new Billing Portal?

We are starting the rollout in June of 2018 and expect to make the Portal available to all customers shortly after that. We are deliberately phasing the Portal launch by groups of services to ensure a smooth experience.

Will I need to update my payment information?

No, we are migrating all current payment methods to the new system and Portal.

Will I still get a paper bill by mail?

If you currently get a paper bill, you will continue to receive one. The goal with this Portal is to reduce the need for paper and focus on delivering bills digitally by email and through the Portal. All new customers will receive their bills digitally as the default.

If you would like to switch from a paper to a digital bill, please email and we can make the change for you.

How can I get help related to my bill and payment?

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Billing Portal Overview

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