Course Overview

This one-day course will help take your team and project to the next level. Using a combination of lecture, demonstrations, hands-on activities, and team-based exercises, attendees will experience how to deliver software using the Scrum framework while reducing waste and developing an agile mindset.


Key Learning Areas

  • The Scrum Framework
  • Myths and Misconceptions
  • Product Backlog Refinement
  • Getting “Done”
  • Improving as a Team

Course Outline

The Scrum Framework

  • The Scrum Guide
  • The Scrum Framework
  • Roles, events, artifacts
  • Professional Scrum

Myths and Misconceptions

  • Requirements and documentation
  • Analysis and planning
  • Culture and successful organizations

Product Backlog Refinement (Part 1)

  • User stories
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Reducing waste in requirements
  • Definition of “ready

Product Backlog Refinement (Part 2)

  • Agile estimation
  • Practice: Wall/affinity estimation
  • Practice: Planning poker
  • Tracking and handling technical debt

Getting “Done”

  • Definition of “done”
  • Expectations and limits of the Product Owner
  • Undone work

Improving as a Team

  • Working as a Scrum Team
  • Common dysfunctions
  • Collaborating with the Development Team
  • Becoming a high-performance team

Who Benefits

This course is intended for existing or candidate Product Owners who want to focus on the expectations and activities related to their role. In addition, business analysts (BAs), subject matter experts (SMEs), or other stakeholders who interact with a Product Owner in order to deliver a product of the highest value are encouraged to attend. Typical attendees are those who have experience on a Scrum Team or who have recently attended Scrum training. Regardless of your current role or capabilities, this course is flexible enough to give you the knowledge that you require.



Scrum experience required.

Want this course for your team?

Atmosera can provide this course virtually or on-site. Please reach out to discuss your requirements.