Mastering React for Web Developers


Course Overview

The open-source React library from Facebook is becoming very popular. Not only is it used for the main Facebook website but lots of other major companies as adopting React. This class will introduce delegates to building web applications using React. Many developers think of React as just a View part of the Model View Controller patter. With the proper understanding of React gained during this course you will understand its true powers. The course doesn’t stop where React itself stops. It enables you to build rich Single Page Applications (SPA) using the popular React-Router library. You will also learn about architecting React applications using the Flux design pattern. We will do this using the popular Facebook implementation.


Key Learning Areas

  • What is the goal of React
  • How use write and process JSX code
  • Different ways of authoring React components
  • Creating Single Page Applications using React-Router
  • Pros and cons of using Single Page Applications
  • Architecting React applications using the Flux pattern
  • Understand the Unidirectional Data Flow principal
  • Be able to write dispatchers, actions and stores

Course Outline

  • React Introduction
  • Single Page Applications using React-Router
  • The Flux Architecture
  • Tooling for Building React Applications
  • Building Better React Components
  • Data Entry Forms
  • Unit Testing
  • Redux
  • Server-side Rendering

Who Benefits

This course is designed for JavaScript developers who want to build performant and well architected Single Page Applications using React.



Attendees must be comfortable working with JavaScript and HTML to take this class. At least 6-months of hands-on JavaScript and HTML experience is recommended to get the most out of the course. A basic knowledge of using NPM packages and either using Browserify or WebPack with Babel is also desirable.

Want this course for your team?

Atmosera can provide this course virtually or on-site. Please reach out to discuss your requirements.