Introduction to GraphQL and Relay


Course Overview

GraphQL is a new innovation which improved upon REST services by viewing data as graph which can be queried to serve data in the shape and amount needed by the consumer. Relay is a framework for React applications to consume GraphQL services. This course will explain how to create and configuring GraphQL services, and consume those services in a React application with Relay.


Key Learning Areas

  • Compare/Contrast GraphQL to REST Services
  • Compare/Contrast Relay to Flux and Redux
  • Review of ES2015 Modules and Destructuring
  • Writing GraphQL Queries
  • Constructing GraphQL Schemas
  • Working with Query and Mutation Types
  • Exploring GraphQL Types
  • Setting up Relay Routes
  • Exploring Connecting React Components to GraphQL with Relay Containers
  • Mutating Data with Relay

Course Outline

Day 1

GraphQL Overview

Using GraphQL with Express

Creating a Query Type

Creating Object Types

Scalar Types

Querying a GraphQL Server

Creating a Mutation Type

Performing Mutations


Day 2

Relay Overview

Configuring a GraphQL Server to work with Relay

Configuring Routes

Constructing Relay Containers

Setting up Mutations


Who Benefits

Developers interested in creating and consuming GraphQL services with Relay.



Knowledge of JavaScript (ES2015) and React is required.

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