GitHub Copilot for Business Developer


Course Overview

GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered tool that assists developers in writing code. It analyzes the context in the file you are editing, as well as related files, and offers suggestions from within your text editor. GitHub Copilot also offers additional features such as Copilot Chat which can be used to ask and receive answers to coding-related questions.

This intermediate training is geared towards individuals and organizations who are looking to accelerate developer productivity so that developers can focus on solving tough business problems and leave the repetitive grunt work for copilot.


Key Learning Areas

  • GitHub Copilot for Business Fundamentals Overview
  • Coding
  • Best Practices & Prompt Engineering
  • Workshop
  • Copilot X
  • Security

Course Outline

GitHub Copilot for Business Fundamentals Overview

  • Overview
  • Requirements
  • Data Flow


  • Getting started
  • Data generation
  • Refactoring and debugging

Best Practices & Prompt Engineering

  • Common issues & how to resolve with prompt engineering
  • Working on the Project level
  • Increase code quality
  • Prevent Prompt Injection


  • Hands-on work with GH Copilot & Copilot Chat

Copilot X

  • Feature overview


  • Detect & Remediate Vulnerabilities
  • Copilot with CodeQL

Who Benefits

The primary audience of this document is:

  • Services Delivery
  • GitHub Partners

Secondarily, the Services Seller, Engagement Manager, Project Manager, and Sales/Account Manager can leverage the contents to prepare and deliver according to set expectations.



Want this course for your team?

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