GitHub Administrator Training


Course Overview

Prepare your GitHub Enterprise Cloud Administrators to maintain a healthy GitHub environment that supports the needs of your development team. GitHub Admin Training provides your Admins with an in-depth understanding of the various options and customizations available on the GitHub platform. Once the basics are mastered, the training will explore opportunities to extend the platform to accommodate the most demanding workflows.


Key Learning Areas

  • Administer GitHub Enterprise Cloud
  • Properly configure your GitHub Enterprise Cloud account to meet your organization’s needs
  • Configure permissions for users and teams
  • Improve the developer experience by selecting appropriate organization settings
  • Identify the recommended options and configurations to reach your desired outcomes
  • Enable protected branches, issues, GitHub Pages and more
  • Locate metrics from your GitHub Enterprise organization
  • Leverage GitHub features to improve workflows Configure permissions for users and teams
  • Audit critical activities performed on your GitHub Enterprise Cloud account
  • Identify and correct unhealthy user behavior

Course Outline

Participants can expect a combination of classroom learning and hands on activities that build experience and confidence using the GitHub Enterprise cloud platform.

Working on GitHub

  • Repository permissions and settings
  • GitHub Pages
  • Create branches and Pull Requests
  • Configure protected branches
  • Configure required status checks

Security in the Cloud

  • Security alerts
  • User privacy
  • Licenses
  • GitHub Marketplace
  • Integrations

GitHub Enterprise Site Administration

  • Audit account activities
  • Select repository and organization settings
  • Administer users
  • Manage dormant users
  • Organizations and teams

Who Benefits

Administrators, Project Leads, and Developers



  • GitHub Enterprise organization you’ll be using in class
  • Ensure all attendees have administrator access
  • Designate at least one administrator to share their screen during activities
Want this course for your team?

Atmosera can provide this course virtually or on-site. Please reach out to discuss your requirements.