GitHub Actions Training


Course Overview

Consider all the tasks that must happen during and after code is written, but before the code can be reliably used for its intended purpose.  Depending on your organization’s goals, you’ll likely need to perform several tasks manually. The challenge is to do these tasks reliably, consistently, and in a sustainable manner.  This is an ideal job for workflow automation.

If you’re moving to GitHub from another code hosting platform, or already relying on GitHub, you’ll likely want to set up your workflow automation using GitHub Actions to automate your workflows.

The objective of this instructor-led training is to provide you the knowledge and tools needed to get started using GitHub Actions in your own projects. We’ll be addressing workflow syntax, workflow management, building your own GitHub Actions, using secrets and environment, runners, CI/CD, and more.

Throughout the training the instructor will demonstrate and explain SDLC use cases which will add to the information provided in the materials. Self-paced lab exercises are provided to reinforce the skills learned during the session.

Participants can expect a combination of classroom learning and instructor-led walkthroughs that build experience and confidence. The instructor will be using the GitHub Enterprise Cloud platform.


Key Learning Areas

  • Understand the basic components of GitHub Actions and its use cases
  • Understand the GitHub Actions syntax, both for actions and workflows
  • Understand how to leverage actions written by the community
  • Learn how to create and deploy custom actions
  • Automate both CI/CD and non-CI/CD use cases
  • Understand how to use environments and secrets
  • Understand how to migrate to GitHub Actions from a different CI/CD system
  • Understand the differences between GitHub-hosted and self-hosted runners
  • Understand best practices related to GitHub Actions
  • Learn when and how to use merge strategies
  • Learn how to use the GitHub CLI and GitHub Script in workflows
  • And more!

Course Outline

Participants can expect a combination of classroom learning and hands on activities that build experience and confidence using the GitHub Enterprise cloud platform.

  • Introduction to GitHub Actions
  • Workflow syntax
  • Environments and secrets
  • Managing workflows & Actions
  • Rest API and GraphQL
  • Building Actions
  • Migration
  • Runners
  • CI/CD workflows
  • GitHub Apps

Who Benefits

GitHub Administrators, Project Leads, and Developers



  • Some experience using GitHub and Git is recommended
  • Some knowledge of scripting is beneficial
Want this course for your team?

Atmosera can provide this course virtually or on-site. Please reach out to discuss your requirements.