Azure Cognitive Services, Open AI and Prompt Engineering


Course Overview

AI is all around us, and it is no longer just the work of scientists. You will learn the ins and outs of Azure Machine Learning Service and AI services. This course will help developers to understand and use the Open AI model in Azure and other Azure AI services integrations.


Key Learning Areas

  • Introduction to AI
  • Azure Cognitive Services
  • Azure Open AI Service
  • Azure Applied AI Services
  • Azure Machine Learning

Course Outline

Introduction to AI

  • Intro to Deep Learning and ML
  • Intro to Generative AI
  • Common AI tools
  • Custom AI
  • On

Azure Cognitive Services

  • Speech
  • Language
  • Vision
  • Decision

Azure Open AI Service

  • Introduction to OpenAI Models
    • NEW GPT-4 series (preview)
    • GPT-3 base series
    • NEW ChatGPT (gpt-35-turbo) (preview)
    • Codex series
    • Embeddings series
  • Fine-tuning
    • Ada
    • Babbage
    • Curie
    • Cushman*
    • Davinci*
  • Introduction to Open AI at Azure
    • Azure OpenAI and OpenAI
    • Key concepts
    • Prompts & Completions prompt engineering
      • prepare your dataset for fine-tuning
    • Content filtering
    • Understanding embeddings in Azure OpenAI Service
    • In-context learning
    • Azure OpenAI Service encryption
    • Monitoring Azure OpenAI Service
    • Describe Azure OpenAI’s access and responsible AI policies
  • Use Azure Open AI Studio
  • Explore types of generative AI models
  • Deploy generative AI models
  • Use prompts to get completions from models
  • Test models in Azure OpenAI Studio’s playgrounds

Azure Applied AI Services

  • Knowledge mining with Azure AI
  • Document process automation with Azure AI
  • Machine translation with Azure AI
  • Speech transcription Azure AI

Azure Machine Learning

  • Custom AI
  • AutoML
  • Azure ML SDK
  • Azure Modeling management

Who Benefits

  • AI Engineers
  • AI Developers
  • AI Experts
  • Advance Promote Engineers/Developers/Cloud Developers


  • Understanding Basic Azure (ARM, CLI, Portal, Resource Groups, etc.) or have taken AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals and/or AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals
  • 1 year experience with programing languages such Python, Java, and/or C#
  • 1 year experience with API and Rest Services and Auth
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