The Azure Backup & Restore Plan To Fight Against Ransomware

Ransomware is just one way that individuals are hacking and extorting information and money from businesses, but it is by far one of the most disruptive. Ransomware blocks access to a system until the company pays the ransom; in the meantime, you can lose a significant amount of revenue and amass disgruntled employees and clients. Read on to learn about the Azure backup and restore plan to fight against ransomware.

What Is Ransomware?

Before you can understand how Azure can combat ransomware, it is crucial to fully understand what ransomware is. Ransomware is a form of extortion attack that hackers will perform by encrypting your files and folders and preventing you from accessing your own system. By doing this, they can extort money from you in exchange for not releasing sensitive data or a decryption key. Some ransomware attacks have gotten so advanced that they will even obtain access to your backups and corrupt them so that you cannot recover information unless you pay the ransom.

Azure Backup

The best way to stop your business from becoming a victim of a ransomware attack is to implement thorough preventative measures. With Microsoft Azure, you are not only creating comprehensive backups, but you are securing them. This software can back up everything from on-premise files and folders to Azure-managed disks, virtual machines, and SQL Server databases. By storing your backup data within Azure storage, you can assure that any outside hackers cannot gain access. These Azure backups also have built-in monitoring and alerting capabilities, meaning they can alert you immediately when any malicious activity occurs.

Restoring Backup

In addition to the backups being a significant component of fighting ransomware, the restoration is equally, if not more important. Of course, you must make backups inaccessible to malicious attackers, but what is to stop them from doing the same thing with your restored backup? Azure has a role-based access control (RBAC) system that restricts backups and restores access to only set user roles. This tool is a great way to get things up and running for those who need it. Meanwhile, IT professionals and Azure can take care of the ransomware exploited vulnerabilities.

Azure plans to fight against ransomware with its backup and restore plan. It will help ensure ransomware attacks don’t happen and allows you to breathe easier if they do. You are protecting your business from any ransomware attacks by having consistent and numerous backups. These are just a part of the Azure data protection services Atmosera can provide for you, keeping your business safe in the face of attacks.

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