At the Intersection of the Cloud and Digital Transformation:

Security, Operability, and IT Functionality

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The digital transformation of business workloads revolutionizes both internal business operations and the customer experience. Connectivity, scalability, efficiency, agility—these resounding value props echo in leadership meetings and entice organizations to undertake the migration of workloads to cloud environments. Indeed, cloud computing accelerates business processes, reinforces availability and recovery, generates cost-savings, and positions IT departments as strategic players for business growth.

To better equip organizations to lead a cloud transformation, this eBook evaluates both the reasons behind and results of businesses’ increasing cloud investments in order to build an understanding of the business landscape in the cloud. This analysis will provide readers with a holistic understanding of cloud computing and guide their strategic planning for cloud deployment and expansion. As reports show, the cloud will almost singularly command business process in a matter of years—whether this tool bolsters and redefines your operations or provokes needless challenges and crippling losses, starts here.

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