Webinar: Security in the Cloud: Advantages of Moving to a Risk-sharing Model – Not Just Risk Mitigation

Moving to the cloud doesn’t change your security posture or reduce your risk. You’re still responsible for following all the best practices for your security. So, what does change? Among other things, you may face different challenges in your security posture, in compliance and risk mitigation. A security risk-sharing model means you share some of the responsibilities for your overall security with your cloud providers and strategic partners. This enables a partnership based on the best of both worlds; allowing you to stay focused on what’s most important to your business, while your partners participate in the maturity of your cloud security initiatives.

Join Sean Ventura, VP & Chief Information Security Officer at Atmosera in this informative webinar, as he discusses how to keep up with changes without slowing down the pace of innovation and agility in the cloud, and learn:

  • The benefits that the cloud has as a growing infrastructure and the advantages of balancing responsibilities between your business and your cloud service providers.
  • How the shared responsibility model places certain types of security obligations on your cloud vendors, service providers and partners.
  • How to take an active security stance, through policies and processes that combine the innovation and speed of the cloud, your business risk appetite and visibility into your cloud partners.

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