Webinar: Exploring The Myriad Of Different Messaging Services on Azure

Messaging between application components and devices is why engineers invented computer networks. The ultimate computer network is the Internet, which has practically connected all the world’s devices to a single network where any device can send a message to another device. For this reason, there are tons of solutions that provide messaging infrastructure to help broker messages between different kinds of clients and for different use cases. Azure alone has at least eight different services that systems can use to send messages. Some of these are general-purpose, while others are purpose-built.
In this webinar, we’ll show eight different services, when to use them, and some demos of how a few of them work! We’ll look at Storage Queues, Message Bus, Event Hub, Event Grid, IoT Hub, SingnalR Service, Notification Hub, and Send Grid.

Atmosera Presenter: Blaize Stewart, Azure Architect & MVP

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