Webinar: Leverage a Multi-Tiered Approach to Secure Your HIPAA Azure Cloud Infrastructure

Healthcare organizations are under constant pressure to adhere to strict HIPAA guidelines. These requirements aren’t changing anytime soon, so join us to learn how to leverage a multi-tiered security posture to secure your HIPAA Azure Cloud infrastructure.

The consequences for unprotected data and HIPAA violations can be severe, so take the right steps to ensure your environment is setup for maximum compliance and protection of sensitive patient data.

Join Atmosera Chief Information Security Officer, Sean Ventura, to make sure you implement all of the proper structural layers to stay ahead of evolving HIPAA regulations. This session covers a number of topics including:

  • What is HIPAA?
  • Shared responsibilities with a Business Associate
  • What is in a BAA?
  • Security controls in Azure
  • Successful Azure HIPAA blueprint
  • Process vs Technological controls

Atmosera Presenter: Sean Ventura, Chief Information Security Officer

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