Webinar: Choosing the Right Cloud Environment – Public, Private, or Hybrid

In pursuit of enhanced connectivity, scalability, and efficiency, cloud migration is hastening across all industry sectors. In order to unlock the cloud’s benefits, these environments – public, private, and hybrid – must be explicitly architected and engineered to suit the respective applications they will host, while also meeting security and compliance requirements. How do businesses determine their ideal cloud environment and optimize it post-migration? In this presentation, we will review and compare:

  • The physical and virtual components of public, private, and hybrid cloud environments;
  • The business considerations that differentiate each environment, including storage space, workloads, compliance, internal staff, and other business requirements;
  • The relationship between organizations, cloud providers, and MSPs;
  • The best practices organizations should consider keeping their cloud environment secure, compliant, and optimized post-migration.

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