Python Jumpstart for .NET Developers

Learn Python in this Webinar geared to .NET/C# Developers

Today Wintellect held a live Python jumpstart coding session for C# Developers presented by Michael Kennedy, host of the TalkPython and PythonBytes podcasts.

A couple weeks ago Michael presented Wintellect’s live webinar “Write Pythonic Code Through 5 Examples.” During this session, we found that 53% of our audience had .NET/C# backgrounds. Keeping this in mind, Michael and Wintellect decided it would be advantageous to do another Python webcast but geared to those with C# backgrounds that wanted to learn the python language. This webinar will give you a Python Jumpstart as we look at the parallels of the two languages and those concepts in Python.

Every major language or platform feature that you know and love in C# there’s an analogous feature in Python and sometimes the feature in Python is even better.

Michael starts the session with a quick Python language introduction about the ecosystem. He then spent the remaining time building a game for the audience, a version of an old pastime to many “Dungeons and Dragons”. Following the coding session there was a live Q&A session.

If you are interested in learning more about our Python Training or Consulting, shoot us an email here. You can also download the code from the session here.

Check out Michael’s last webinar here: “Write Pythonic Code Through 5 Examples” here.

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