Optimize Your Azure Costs Unlock Savings and Efficiency

Learn about Azure cost optimization to discover valuable strategies and best practices that will help you optimize your cloud spending without compromising performance. Cost management becomes essential as businesses increasingly rely on the cloud for their computing needs. In this webinar, our expert speakers will guide you through practical tips, tools, and insights to maximize your Azure investment and unlock significant savings. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a competitive edge while minimizing your cloud expenses.


1. Introduction: The importance of cost optimization in Azure

2. Understanding your Azure billing and pricing models

3. Identifying cost drivers and inefficiencies in your Azure usage

4. Leveraging Azure Cost Management and Azure Advisor

5. Best practices for rightsizing virtual machines and storage

6. Automation and resource scheduling to optimize costs

7. Real-world case studies of successful Azure cost optimization

Q&A session: Ask our experts your burning cost optimization questions Duration: 60 minutes

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