Experience the Future of Data Analytics with Microsoft Fabric

Get an exclusive peek inside Microsoft Fabric, the revolutionary platform revealed at MS Build 2023.

Stemming from the groundbreaking announcement at MS Build in May, Microsoft Fabric has swiftly surged to the forefront of every Chief Data Officer’s strategic roadmap. This immersive webinar is led by Atmosera’s Data Practice Lead, Matt Szafir, your expert guide through the cutting-edge capabilities of Microsoft Fabric. Gain unparalleled access to the intricacies of OneLake and the multitude of powerful features and experiences embedded within Fabric, revealing the transformative potential they hold for your organization.

No matter if you’re an Azure veteran or setting your first foot into the dynamic world of Azure-based analytics, this insightful webinar will equip you with valuable insights, placing you steps ahead in the data revolution. Discover how to unleash the full potential of Microsoft Fabric in your organization and stay ahead of the curve in this competitive digital landscape. Your journey into the future of data analytics starts here and now.

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