1st Thursday: Scaling IT to Exceed the Pace of Business

Educational event featuring Consonus Healthcare and Marquis Companies.

This talk focused on how a healthcare company is taking advantage of managed cloud services to innovate while broadening into national markets and tackling changing healthcare structure and accountability. This includes:

  • Driving new Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics offerings in a compliance-structured business
  • Finding ways to relieve the day-to-day care and feeding of secure environments
  • Balancing mission critical efforts with evolving security best practices

3 featured speakers:

  • Anthony Laflen, Director of Consulting & Data Analytics at Consonus Healthcare
  • John Baker, Director of Technology at Marquis Companies
  • Leslie Golden, Information Security Officer at Atmosera

This event was recorded on Dec 1, 2016 at Atmosera.
For more details about out events: atmosera.com/company/events
About Consonus Healthcare: consonushealth.com
About Marquis Companies: marquiscompanies.com

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