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Atmosera Hybrid Approach

Run your applications in the environment best suited for their unique requirements

  • Plan your journey.

    Together we identify the optimal environment to run each application and if there are advantages to migrate.

  • Avoid lock-in.

    We deliver solutions which give you the flexibility to move between deployments and platforms with minimal disruptions.

  • Improve security & peace of mind.

    We can be counted on to deliver secure environments across all deployments and help you meet industry standards.

  • Build better applications.

    We help you focus on building better applications knowing you can take advantage of multiple deployment choices.

Atmosera’s flexible hybrid approach incorporates the following 3 types of deployments:

Microsoft Azure Clouds

Leverage the full power of Microsoft’s Cloud Platform
  • Accelerate Azure adoption.

    We partner with your team to identify what belongs in Azure and how best to leverage its features.

  • Public, private or a combination.

    Confidently run applications using the best suited deployment method and maintain a consistent experience.

  • Break monolithic architectures.

    We help you take advantage of Microservices to reduce complexity and increase scalability.

  • Optimize your investment.

    Together we will plan and control how much is consumed and ensure your cloud is secure and meets compliance mandates.

Hosted IaaS

Run your business using a tailored hosted environment
  • Modernize IT systems.

    We help you take advantage of the latest technology and leverage deep knowledge and best practices.

  • Eliminate headaches.

    Together we plan the right solution for your unique needs and ensure flawless execution.

  • Control spending.

    We help you take advantage of flat rate pricing and long term contracts for predictable costs with no unplanned spikes.

  • Improve security & peace of mind.

    We incorporate our third party audited best practices and make them your own.


Deploy your equipment locally and globally
  • Improve system uptime.

    Together we will reduce the potential for business impacting outages by leveraging modern and secure data centers.

  • Decrease resolution times.

    Confidently take advantage of a highly trained 24x7x365 team of professionals who can perform remote hands services.

  • Rely on proven data centers.

    We deliver environments that are SSAE Type II audited by a third party and N+1.

  • Plan a path to the cloud.

    We can help you migrate to a public, private or combination cloud using our deep knowledge and real world experience.


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