Azure Data Protection Services

Safeguard your data from loss with a proper storage strategy.

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We focus on ensuring your data is secure with Azure data protection services.

Together we review all your data sources and current storage capabilities.
This includes dealing with data in motion, data at rest and long-term archiving.

Put the right infrastructure in place.

Secured end-to-end.

Actively monitored 24x7x365

Together, we carefully plan out all aspects of your Azure data protection services including archiving, backup, and how to recover it.

We take into consideration more than the physical storage and look at the entire solution including the network and encryption needs.

We make sure there are no surprises by actively tracking utilization and failures to keep your data and applications performing at their best.

More than technology

All Atmosera customers benefit from processes, policies, training and 24x7x367 technical resources.

Our customers have the peace of mind of knowing an industry expert has performed a thorough risk assessment, identified a remediation plan and provided ongoing audit support to ensure our Azure data protection services keep customers information safe.

Best of all, we understand this level of service is — and will continue to be — required year after year.

Managed Backup with Azure

Managed Backup

Disaster Recovery with Azure

Disaster Recovery (DR)

High Availability with Azure

High Availability (HA)

Effectively backup and safeguard your data in a private or public cloud.

Safeguard your business and stay operational event when disasters strike.

Maintain nearly 100% uptime and ensure constant availability of critical data.

We always implement networks which deliver
better security and usability.

All our deployments take into consideration the end-to-end solution and
we secure all aspects of the network and connectivity.

  • Defense in Depth – Our approach offers a flexible and customizable set of capabilities based on enterprise-grade standards for performance, availability, and response.
  • WANs, MANs, LANs, and VPNs – We provide comprehensive networking and high-speed connectivity options from Wide Area Networks (WAN), Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) and Local Area Networks (LAN), as well as managed Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and firewalls.
  • Stay current – We can be counted on to deliver proactive testing and the most secure network protocols.
  • Reduce vulnerabilities – We help your team leverage advanced security features coupled with relentless vigilance from trained experts.

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