Release Management

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What is Release Management?

Release Management is the process responsible for planning, scheduling, and controlling the build, in addition to testing and deploying Releases. Release Management ensures that IS&T delivers new and enhanced IT services required by the business, while protecting the integrity of existing services.

Release management is a relatively new but rapidly growing discipline within software engineering. As software systems, software development processes, and resources become more distributed, they invariably become more specialized and complex. Furthermore, software products (especially web applications) are typically in an ongoing cycle of development, testing, and release, often running on evolving platforms with growing complexity. Such systems require dedicated resources to oversee the integration and flow of development, testing, deployment, and support.

What do I need to know about Release Management?

Here are some potential goals of an improved release management system:

• Increase the number of successful Releases, including reducing the number of Releases with unexpected outcomes.
• Decrease the number of incidents caused by Releases.
• Create a single documented process for managing all Releases.
• Maintain a single repository for recording all Releases through the lifecycle.
• Ensure that the process is adopted, adhered to, and escalated to management if there are compliance issues.
• Improve coordination between IS&T groups to ensure smooth and timely delivery of IT services.
• Improve productivity by establishing standard release processes and tooling.
• Initiate the Release Management process to provide sufficient lead-time for adequate impact analysis by the CAB.
• Ensure that audit-able Release controls are established and documented.
• Communicate Releases to IS&T, affected client representatives, clients (where appropriate), and other IT organizations (where appropriate).
• Streamline the procedures so that there is an appropriate balance between the complexity of the release and the required controls.
• Harvest lessons learned from the Release Management process that could be applied to other areas of Service Management.

Are Atmosera’s Release Management services right for my business?

Developers are not short on ideas and increasingly businesses want to implement them as quickly as possible. This is putting a burden on development teams to accelerate development without sacrificing quality.

Release Management as a Service
We developed a best of breed platform designed specifically for Azure to enable end-to-end automation and testing. Our service accelerates the deployment of e-commerce sites, corporate websites and portals, and mobile web applications. Customers get to improve time-to-revenue with a reliable, predictable, and repeatable delivery platform.

Consistent through stages.
We enable your teams to work in a logical and linear progression from inception to reality.

Version and release control.
The platform is designed to facilitate a continuous delivery cycle using Agile methodologies.

Accelerate time-to-market.
You will streamline all aspects from identifying problems, rolling back to known good versions, and deploying at anytime of the day.

The Atmosera Release Management as a Service was developed to address the gap which exists for companies and developers wanting to move quickly through release management while ensuring quality control and repeatable testing procedures. The platform was purpose-built for Azure using productized integration code to seamlessly connect industry-leading products including:

Chef: infrastructure automation
Bitbucket: web-based projects hosting
Terraform: infrastructure as code
JIRA: bug tracking and project management
Jenkins: continuous integration and delivery management
Zabbix: real-time monitoring
Selenium: web application testing
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Focus on your business and deploying the next release, not the infrastructure on which your automation and testing runs.
Say goodbye to errors such as broken links!
Benefit from a Platform Based on DevOps Practices.
Agile and DevOps are all the rage but is your IT really enabling them properly?

Atmosera Release Management as a Service is a foundational platform on top of which your teams can drive better agility and quality. It was built for developers to ensure a framework where both infrastructure and operation are harmonized to deliver the ability to:

-Track every change for every version and quickly find the source of a problem within your application.
-Leverage a structure which enables you to easily roll back to previous known good versions.
-Log application feedback and add it to a backlog which can be prioritized for the planning phase of a future version.
-Drive Continuous Integration (CI) which means you can deploy your application at any time without fear of losing data, customers, or other services related to your application.
-Enable Continuous Deployment (CD) which allows your team to work effectively on an application with less downtime due to disruptions and distractions.
-Put an end to the need to schedule software releases at 2AM on a Saturday.

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