Private cloud

What is a Private cloud?

Private cloud is cloud infrastructure operated for a single organization. Management of the cloud can be internal or external, and hosted internally or externally as well. Setting up a private cloud requires a thorough stocktaking of current assets, how to virtualize them, and how to secure them.

A private cloud requires a large physical facility and intelligent allocation of space, hardware, and resources. As such, they are expensive to create and maintain. There is also ongoing maintenance required for all of these elements.

What do I need to know about Private cloud?

A private cloud allows organizations to offer their cloud services over the Internet on their internal network. As such, the private cloud is sometimes referred to as internal or corporate cloud. A private cloud has all the user benefits of a public cloud with additional control and customization through resources hosted on-premises.

Private cloud has an increased level of security because sensitive data is not shared with a third-party vendor. An organization’s IT manager can also secure the private cloud behind internal firewalls. Private cloud requires staffing, management, and maintenance from an organizations own IT staff. The organization is basically running its own data center.

This hands on management can be a feature or a limitation of private cloud. Organizations gain security and customization at the cost of the managed services.

Is Atmosera’s Private cloud the right option for my business?

If an organization already has ample IT management resources and security is a primary concern for the cloud infrastructure, private cloud is a strong option.

The private cloud features two options for managed services, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). IaaS lets you take advantage of cloud infrastructure resources like compute, network, and storage as a serivce. PaaS is used for delivery of software applications large and small.

Choosing a private cloud option does not mean that is the only option you can choose. Private clouds deployed in combination with the public cloud creates a hybrid cloud, providing the benefits of the private cloud for most applications with the flexibility to scale massively upwards to meet new demand.

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