IT Infrastructure

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What is IT Infrastructure?

Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure refers to the component technology that underlies your business communications. Every company relies on its IT Infrastructure to process data, analyze operations, and make critical business decisions.

What do I need to know about IT Infrastructure?

IT Infrastructure includes a company’s array of hardware, data centers, facilities, equipment, software, and networks, involved in the development, testing, operation, monitoring, and management of IT services. IT Infrastructure does not include the human capital (employees), procedures, or documentation behind the management of these services.

Enterprise IT infrastructure typically refers to the IT infrastructure of a company at enterprise scale. Enterprise IT infrastructure can be deployed on a public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud.

IT management and IT service management are fields that have risen around the needs of IT infrastructure. The ITIL framework was developed as a set of best practices with regard to IT infrastructure. It it the most widely used approach to IT service management.

How does Atmosera’s IT Infrastructure benefit me?

An infrastructure-related term that has become increasingly relevant in recent years is converged infrastructure systems. This refers to an optimized, tightly-integrated set of IT components offered by a vendor that includes a variety of computational, storage, networking and virtualization resources. Management of converged infrastructure resources is typically handled by a discrete hardware component that serves a singular purpose.

Converged infrastructure systems centralize the management of IT resources which increases utilization rates and lowers costs. Converged infrastructure enables Atmoera’s private and public cloud services which rely on the ability to automate resource provisioning using pooled IT resources.

In addition to converged infrastructure systems, vendors now also offer hyper-converged infrastructure systems that are similar in nature. Management of those resources are largely software-defined rather than hardware-defined. Hyper-convergent infrastructure systems are continuing to grow in the IT Infrastructure space. Azure Stack is an example of the new hyper-converged systems now available to consumers.

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