What is Information Security?

Information security (InfoSec) refers to the practices for preventing unauthorized access, destruction, disclosure, disruption, inspection, modification, recording, or use of information. InfoSec can describe information in physical or digital form.

What do I need to know about InfoSec?

It is based on the “CIA triad” of an appropriate balance between protection of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. An information security regime includes a risk management process that identifies assets, threat sources, vulnerabilities, potential impacts, and possible controls. The risk management process itself is subject to an audit.

As information security is only a set of general principals, standards have been developed around then, driven by the range of laws and regulations that govern how data is accessed, processed, stored, and transferred. Examples of industry standards include password, anti-virus software, firewall, encryption, liability and user/administrator training standards.

How does Atmosera’s InfoSec protect my information and improve my product?

The implementation of organizational standards around InfoSec require resources and commitment to organizational change. Having a cloud solutions provider (CSP) that

Atmosera’s InfoSec strict security measures for infrastructure, our policies, our people and our methodologies for deployments provide persistent information security for your sensitive data.

Classify data based on sensitivity and apply persistent data protection to your most critical assets. Enable safe sharing of sensitive data inside and outside of your organization. Gain visibility and control over shared data.

We also provide advanced monitoring—for both IaaS and PaaS environments—to proactively address potential concerns so they do not affect your data. Our people also document all activity for future audits and accountability.

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