What is DevOps?

DevOps, derived from the terms “development” and “operations”, describes a software development workflow that integrates the development and operational aspects of software engineering.

What do I need to know about DevOps?

DevOps seeks to automate various steps along the development chain—in particular integration, testing, deployment, and infrastructure management—to engineer software more quickly and more often. An integrated DevOps culture will shorten development cycles, and deploy more frequently and more reliably.

How does Atmosera’s DevOps help me work efficiently?

Azure DevOps solutions will allow for faster and more reliable delivery for organizations at any size using any current toolset. By bringing all the important people and technologies for software development into alignment you are creating efficiency every step of the way.

Continuous integration (CI)
Tools like Visual Studio Team Services or Jenkins allow you to develop your apps directly in the cloud and deploy in Azure. Committed code is automatically built and tested so bugs are found right away. Continuous integration will improve software development quality and speed.

Continuous delivery (CD)
Pair Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with continuous integration (IC) to make identical deployments. Gain the confidence to manually deploy any time you need to. Continuous delivery ensures that infrastructure and code are always ready in a production-deployable state.

Continuous deployment with CI/CD
When you have continuous integration and continuous delivery, you can have continuous deployment. In continuous deployment, the process from committing code to production is automated. With the right monitoring tools backed by CI/CD, you can push features to customers as son as they are completed.

Increase reliability and duplication
IaC automates provisioning and configuration of environments. Environment definitions can be captured as JSON or YAML. Azure Resource Manager, Terraform, or Ansible can duplicate an identical environment. DevOps makes it possible.

Greater insights
Services like Azure Log Analytics and Azure Monitor can be combined with pre-existing dashboards like Kibana or Grafana to monitor infrastructure health. Azure Application Insights gives you key insights for performance management.

Enhance compliance and security
Chef Automate or Azure Policy allow you to easily manage provisioned infrastructure and apps for compliance purposes. Pairing compliance with security services like Azure Security Center ensures both fronts are covered. With compliance and security enhanced by DevOps, threats are identified and patched in a flash.

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