Atmosera Methodology™

What is the Atmosera Methodology™?

We have 20+ years of experience in enterprise—grade managed infrastructure—including Microsoft Azure and private cloud. We follow a proven approach to assess, migrate, re-platform, and operate the optimal IT infrastructure solution for our customers.

Moving into the cloud is not a one time event. With every customer engagement, we deliver a structured approach.

Our methodology involves 4 steps:
Assess > Migrate > Re-Platform > Operate

What are the benefits of the Atmosera Methodology™?

-Rely on our team to map your existing environment to a corresponding Azure cloud.
-Easily move from your existing environment to a public or private Azure cloud.
-Understand how to transform your applications to better take advantage of Azure capabilities.
-Our team actively manages all maintenance and optimization to keep your environment running at its best.

We deliver solutions that accelerate the value of Azure.

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