Managed Azure Kubernetes Service

Deploy and manage containerized applications with ease.

Atmosera’s managed Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) allows development teams the ability to access the benefits of Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes when deploying and managing containerized applications. Atmosera deploys AKS to run microservices-based applications on Microsoft Azure to leverage infrastructure automation and orchestration to increase the availability and resiliency of all application components. AKS supports both stateless and stateful applications which allow development teams to adopt microservices based development at a rate and extent suitable for their business need.

Accelerate End-to-End Development

Simplify Kubernetes Management

Secure your Kubernetes Workloads

Speed up your development experience and integration with Azure DevOps, and GitHub.

Simplify cluster maintenance with automated patching, upgrades, and scaling.

Track, validate, and reconfigure nodes, pods, and container images for compliance with agility.

Benefits of Azure Kubernetes Service

Achieve agility at scale with Kubernetes and DevOps

  • AKS features integrated continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) with Azure DevOps and GitHub.

Orchestrate any type of workload running in the environment of your choice

  • AKS supports both Linux and Windows containers.
  • Build your applications with your preferred programming language, OS, libraries, or messaging bus.

Monitor and optimize the performance of your Kubernetes with ease

  • Gain data-driven insight into your Kubernetes cluster to maintain health and performance by using Azure Monitor and Log Analytics.
  • We use data to understand the performance and health of your Kubernetes cluster and the container workloads to identify resource bottlenecks and pro-actively act to optimize performance.
  • Application releases are staged to allow the application to keep running during the update with a rollback mechanism if a deployment failure occurs.
  • Automatically scale a Kubernetes cluster to meet application demands.
  • Achieve business continuity and disaster recovery with Azure Container Registry geo-replication and multi-region AKS deployment.

Increase security with advanced identity and access management

  • Azure IAM, role-based access control, is implemented and can be utilized for your entire Azure infrastructure centralizing access control to your environment.
  • AKS includes Kubernetes’ network policies and secrets along with Azure’s network security groups and orchestrated cluster upgrades to protect your customer data.


What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes, or k8s for short, is open-source orchestration software for deploying, managing, and scaling containers.

Why use Kubernetes?

Implement container-based environments in a portable, scalable, and extensible way.

What is a Kubernetes deployment?

A Kubernetes deployment allows you to describe your desired application deployment state. Kubernetes scheduler ensures the actual state matches your desired state—and maintains that state in the event one or more pods crash. Kubernetes deployments also allow you to consistently upgrade your applications without downtime.

What are some common use cases for Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is useful in scenarios ranging from moving applications to the cloud to simplifying challenges in machine learning and AI.

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