Atmosera OS Management & Monitoring Services

Managed OS management and monitoring.

Production Cloud environments often demand unique performance and security controls to ensure reliable operations. Atmosera’s managed services provide management and monitoring of the Virtual Machines (VMs) and OSes deployed on them. The service includes the initial operating system build, agent installation (if applicable) and configuration of OS level backups. OS configuration changes can be made upon request and customers benefit from OS upgrades.

There are three tiers of services to meet specific customer requirements at the OS level.

Service Overview

No matter which service level you choose, OS Management delivers 24x7x365 monitoring and day-to-day management of server OS environments hosted with Atmosera. This includes reliable patching, anti-virus scanning, proactive monitoring and prescribed escalations.

  • Enables customers to choose the level of management required — and to control costs
  • Charged on a monthly basis per server
  • All servers within an environment must be managed at the same level
  • Premium-level service allows ongoing customization within all categories
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