Atmosera Follow the Sun Master Data Service

Reduce Latency, Increase Data Resiliency and Improve Application Usability

You may already know where you have problems or may need help figuring out why some of your data-intensive applications are slow. We help customers isolate data related bottlenecks and together partner to identify how data performance 
and application latency can be improved.

Engineer New Data Solution

Increase Employee Productivity

Improve Customer Experience

We ensure employees have a better experience with reduced latency 
and improved data freshness.

We plan and execute a geo-distributed master database based on locations 
and team needs.

We can help your team support 
near real-time application access 
to data and reduce wait times 
for your end customers.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Near Real-Time Performance

We can help your team support near real-time application access to data and reduce wait times for your end customers. Delivering up-to-date data with the lowest latency dramatically changes how valuable applications can be for your team. By speeding up how fast applications respond, your team will actually use them and make 
better decisions for your business. The resulting end user productivity translates to immediate positive business outcomes. Your company also benefits from better data protection since the data is replicated across different Microsoft Azure zones.

Pay For Resources Only When You Use Them

The architecture design allows to only turn on resources in the 
Azure public cloud when the business day is active in a certain region 
of the world. There is an economic savings since you only pay for what you are using. This is especially advantageous when dealing with 
cross continental and global workforces and only paying for a subsection of the world versus paying for 100% access across the world at all times.

Ideal for Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI)

There are many use cases for this service. Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) are one of many data-intensive applications which 
can greatly benefit from this architecture design. By presenting the data closer to where employees are physically working the time to reports can be reduced to a fraction of the time it normal takes. It also ensures teams anywhere always have access to the latest data when making business decisions.

Free Database Architecture Review

We offer customers the opportunity to identify key data latency issues and deliver an executive level report after a short 
consult and discovery session. A key measure of success is the ability to improve customer experience and the utilization 
of data-intensive applications. Read more about Sun Master Data.

We deliver solutions that accelerate the value of Azure.

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