Atmosera Cloud Migration to Azure Service

Easily Migrate from AWS to Azure or an Azure Private Cloud

We help customers move from AWS everyday. If you feel the need to have more options or simply want out of AWS, there 
are some easy ways to do it. We specialize in Azure hybrid deployments with the flexibility to run applications using private 
or public clouds — and the ability to move between them.

Overcome AWS Lock-In

Minimize Redevelopment.

Stay Fully Operational

We help your team quickly and easily migrate existing deployments away 
from AWS.

Together we can move existing applications and data without recoding.

We can be counted on to perform migrations without impacting your existing environments.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Comprehensive Capabilities

We can migrate specific workloads from AWS environments with the following supported parameters:

  • Up to 50 EC2 (Elastic Cloud Compute) instances
  • Up to 50 TB of EBS (Elastic Block Store) storage with single drives smaller than 1,023 GB
  • Up to 5 subnets
  • Up to 5 network security groups and a total of 50 rules per group
  • Maximum of 20 public IPv4 per subscription
Management Server
Atmosera configures and runs this element in AWS which acts as a replication proxy.
Replication Agent
Atmosera uses this element to ensure the replicated data is complete and non-corrupted.

The process leverages intellectual property developed by Atmosera and allows for a fast and non disruptive migration. 
Our propose-built proprietary procedures and software applications help ease the migration using the following elements: We can move your environment to a cloud that fits your needs including private, public and hybrid deployments. Together we pick the best destination for your applications and data. You can count on use to perform the work and get you up and running in a new environment quickly.

Start Your Migration Today

We offer customers the opportunity to identify how best to migrate off of their current AWS environment. We specialize in helping migrate off of AWS and into Azure or hosted Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environments. We provide each 
customer interested in this service with an executive overview detailing the process and budgetary cost comparison for 
the new environment.

We deliver solutions that accelerate the value of Azure.

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