5 Ways Backing Up to Azure Can Save You Money

Safeguard your data and never lose it with 6 copies in 2 data centers:

  • Backup your data centers, satellite offices and even remote workers.
  • Backup everything including VMWare virtual machines, physical servers and applications such as SharePoint.
  • Leverage geo-distant options for better disaster recovery abilities.
  • Store your backups on media which won't run out, get corrupted or risk being damaged and stolen.

Reduce your potential operational downtime with an automated, "set it and forget it" solution:

  • Eliminate the need for your team to oversee or update the hardware and perform software patching.
  • Easier to replicate back to a VM for recovery.
  • Our team does all the monitoring and ongoing operational management to keep everything in sync, oversee de-duplication, ensure the latest is always available, and right sizing storage.

Works with your existing backup software and appliances from Veeam and Commvault:

  • Veeam and Commvault are leaders and we find their solutions meet the needs of our customers.
  • Treat the cloud as an endpoint, or static storage destination, similar to disks or tape.
  • Easily point to Azure as a destination instead of, or in addition to, on-site media.
  • Benefit from a geo-distant location.
  • Deploy a flexible backup strategy working in concert with Azure.

Use a  layered or tiered backup and recovery approach:

  • Critical data is backed up anytime instead of at night or weekends.
  • Avoid overtime with 24x7 on call team who proactively keep your backups running flawlessly.
  • Daily and weekly backup data is sent to the cloud (instead of off-site tape) as a disaster recovery (DR) copy of the on-premises disk backup. Data retention is usually short (e.g., 30 to 60 days). Many of the organizations that have deployed de-duplication appliances and have a second site have eliminated tape usage via appliances' remote replication.
  • Infrequent backup data (such as monthly, quarterly or yearly) is sent to the cloud (instead of on-premises and/or off-site tape) for long-term retention, such as seven years.

Cut the expenses associated with traditional backup media:

  • Pay a nominal fee to backup your data.
  • Don't worry about being charged for transfer into the cloud.
  • Benefit from state of the art storage which is inexpensive.
  • Don’t run the risk of running out of media or failing to perform backups on scheduled intervals.

Architected to meet your needs.

Deployed flawlessly.

Operated reliably 24x7x365.

We build solutions to address your individual business objectives with an eye to sustained technology innovation.

We manage the entire lifecycle from 
start to finish to ensure no surprises 
and allow you to focus on your business.

We only engineer and deploy environments which can be monitored and maintained for you by our team 
of experts 24x7x365.

We know how to make Azure work for you.

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Rely on our team to map your existing environment to a corresponding Azure cloud.

Easily move from your existing environment to a public or private Azure cloud.

Understand how to transform your applications to better take advantage of 
Azure capabilities.

Our team performs all 
the ongoing maintenance 
and tuning to keep your environment running 
at its best.

20 years of experience makes us a trusted partner you can count on.

We developed a core methodology to ensure we accurately capture your needs and translate them into the best solution possible. This process gives you the peace of mind that your cloud investment will be aligned with the return you seek. We can be counted on to bring our industry experience and real-world best practices to operate Azure environments.

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Why Azure?

More data centers than AWS & Google cloud combined: 24 regions deployed – 8 regions coming soon – $15B invested

The only true hybrid cloud solution: provides options to deploy your applications in the best suited environment:

  • Microsoft Azure is a category leader for features, global reach and pricing with both Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) public Azure deployments.
  • Microsoft Cloud Platform offers an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environment which is architecturally consistent with public Azure.
  • Combined, they offer customers a way to get into the cloud that meets their needs and ensures they are not locked-in to one type of deployment.

Helps you realize a long-term roadmap:

  • The Microsoft Cloud Platform and Azure allow you to move at your own pace and start at various points of entry.
  • It offers one consistent platform for VMs and backups, especially if you move part of your infrastructure in Azure..

One step closer to a full Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solution:

  • Azure backup works seamlessly with Azure Site Recovery (ASR) which is used for Disaster Recovery (DR) implementations.
  • ASR is natively integrated into Azure, enabling the management of both a DR solution and other Azure services, as well as providing hybrid disaster recovery capabilities across multiple platforms.

We deliver solutions that accelerate the value of Azure.

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